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Heathcare Press Release : 08 Jun 2017

Ganeden Receives FDA GRAS on Probiotic-Derived Immune Health Ingredient: Heathcare—08 Jun 17

Ganeden, already known as a leader in probiotic technology, has used its patented probiotic strain to develop an immune health ingredient: Staimune(TM). The new ingredient utilizes the cells of the probiotic GanedenBC30(R) to support immune health, at

Contergan Victim Wins Against Former Board Member of the Contergan Heathcare—08 Jun 17

In the lawsuit between the plaintiff, Contergan (thalidomide) victim Andreas Meyer, and the defendant and former Board member of the Contergan Foundation, Attorney Karl Schucht, the Bonn Regional Court came to a judgement on 10.5.2017. The judgement is