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Heathcare Press Release : 06 Oct 2020

Mercy Ships Announces the Global Mercy, World's Largest NGO Hospital Heathcare—06 Oct 20

Over 16 million people die each year due to lack of surgical care; Mercy Ships builds a response to this world problem for the future Today, Mercy Ships announced a first look at the construction of the world's largest NGO hospital ship which plans to

Herbalife Nutrition in Thailand Launches New Company Website to Promote Good Heathcare—06 Oct 20

Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company, announces the launch of its new official website in Thailand at Easy to use and navigate, the new site ensures quick access to the complete range of Herbalife Nutrition

Pandemic Fuels Global Demand for 'Cobots’ in Health Sector Heathcare—06 Oct 20

Universal Robots (UR), Denmark-based collaborative robots (cobots) technology market leader, today advised business leaders across health and related key industries to leverage robotic automation in response to COVID-19 pandemic challenges. Cobots have

Rockefeller virologist Charles M. Rice honored with Nobel Prize for research that contributed to a Heathcare—06 Oct 20

Charles M. Rice, who studies disease-causing viruses and how the immune system defends against them, is this year's recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, announced today. Rice is the Maurice R.