General Press Releases Friday October 28, 2005 14:47
Bangkok--Oct 28--UN
Ministerial Council set to meet in Beijing on 2 November
BANGKOK (United Nations Information Services) ? Ministers meeting at the
First Session of the Ministerial Council of the Bangkok Agreement set for 2 November in Beijing are expected to formally change the Agreement's name to "Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement" or APTA.
China's Vice Minister of Commerce Yu Guangzhou and UNESCAP Executive
Secretary Kim Hak-Su will both address the session.
Also on the agenda is the evolving situation regarding regional trade
arrangements, expansion of membership, launch of a fourth round of preferential tariff negotiations, and adoption of a Ministerial Declaration.
Signed in 1975 as an initiative of UNESCAP, the Bangkok Agreement is Asia's oldest preferential trade agreement between developing countries. It aims
to promote intra-regional trade through an exchange of mutually-agreed concessions.
Bangladesh, India, Republic of Korea, Lao PDR and Sri Lanka are the
Agreement's founding members, with China acceding in 2001. All of UNESCAP developing member countries are eligible to accede to the Agreement.
The Bangkok Agreement is administered by a Standing Committee made up of
all the participating States. UNESCAP's Trade and Investment Division functions as its Secretariat.
More information on the Agreement is available at
For further information, please contact:
Mr. Xuan Zengpei
Trade and Investment Division
UNESCAP, UN Building
Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +(66-2) 288-1466
Fax: +(6602) 288-1027
For media inquiries, please contact:
David Lazarus, Chief
UN Information Services
UNESCAP, UN Building
Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +(66-2) 288-1861/66
Fax: +(6602) 288-1052
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