2006 Automobile Market Sales 682,500 Units Decrease 3% TOYOTA takes Triple Crowns Expect 2007 Total Market Grow 3% Sales 700,000 Units

General Press Releases Thursday January 11, 2007 17:26

Mr. Mitsuhiro Sonoda, President of Toyota Thailand Co., Ltd., has disclosed that the auto sales statistics for 2006 were 682,500 units, a decrease of 3%. He is confident that the overall economy of Thailand for 2007 remains to be good, and expects the overall auto market for 2007 to have total sales of 700,000 units, with a growth rate of 3%, while TOYOTA targets its sales for all models at 295,000 units and a market share of over 42%.

The automobile market for 2006 had total sales about 682,500 units, a decrease of 3%, while the passenger car segment had total sales about 191,885 units, an increase of 2%, the commercial vehicle segment had total sales of 490,615 units, a decrease of 4.8%, and the one-ton pickup truck in this segment had total sales of 449,796 units, decrease of 4.2%.

Mr. Sonoda said, “This is another successful year for TOYOTA, we reached a total sale of 289,108 units, gaining 4% over the previous year, and breaking the sales record for 4 consecutive years as the No.1 seller in the industry, with a market share of 42.4%. TOYOTA has held the No. 1 position in sales in the overall automobile market, No.1 in the Passenger car segment, the Commercial vehicle segment and the One-ton pickup truck segment.”

Mr. Sonoda also added, “The one-ton pickup truck market was the key factor for TOYOTA’s success, with HILUX VIGO and FORTUNER having the highest total sales of 185,709 units and a market share of 41.3%, an increase of 4.5%. And if one were to only the pure pick up trucks, it achieved the No.1 position in sales for the first time in nine years. HILUX VIGO had total sales 166,358 units and dominate market share 39.3%.”

Auto Sales Statistics for 2006*
  • Total sales                               682,500 units       decrease 3%
  • Passenger car sales             191,885 units       increase   2%
  • Commercial vehicles             490,615 units       decrease   4.8%
  • 1 Ton Pick up (Including PPV)         449,796 units       decrease 4.2%
  • 1 Ton Pick up (Excluding PPV)       423,395 units       decrease 0.8%
* Unofficial sales figure
TOYOTA Sales Statistics for 2006
  • Total sales                               289,108 units       increase   4%,
Market share       42.4 percent
  • Passenger car sales             92,566 units         increase 2.5%
Market share       48.2 percent
  • Commercial vehicle sales   196,542 units       increase 4.7%
Market share       40.1%
  • 1 Ton Pick up (Including PPV)   185,709 units         increase 4.5%
Market share       41.3 %
  • 1 Ton Pick Up (Excluding PPV)   166,358 units     increase 14.9%
Market share     39.3 %

“Regarding exports for the past year, TOYOTA was able to hold the No.1 position by exporting 196,935 units of CBUs, with the value of 86,494 million baht, with the growth of 30% and 38% of market share.   In addition, we exported 22,202 containers of auto parts, value 33,600 million baht, worth a total export value of 120,094 million baht, or 35.7% of exports by the Thai auto industry,” said Mr. Sonoda.

Mr. Sonoda was estimate overall automobile market on 2007 “We have seen some signs of economic recovery, such as continued and moderate GDP growth and a slight decrease in oil prices. This makes us believe that the Thai government will be able to stabilize the economy and the political situation. Therefore expectation of the overall auto market for 2007 will be stable. The auto market for 2007 will have a stable growth rate and will increase by 3% or about 700,000 units. Of this, 190,000 units will be passenger cars; 510,000 units will be commercial vehicles”

Estimated Total Auto Sales for 2007
  • Total sales                           700,000 units       increase 3%
  • Passenger cars                 190,000 units       decrease 1%
  • Commercial vehicles       510,000 units       increase   4%

As for TOYOTA’s sales target, Mr. Sonoda has projected that “TOYOTA expected to sales in the year 2007 at 295,000 units, an increase of 2% compared to 2006, and expected to have a market share of over 42 percent.”

TOYOTA Estimated Auto Sales on 2007
  • Passenger cars                     91,000 units       Market share 48%
  • Commercial vehicles         204,000 units       Market share 40%

“For 2007, Toyota will start the operation of Ban Pho Plant, located in Chachoengsao in this January to support overseas demand for export. The Ban Pho plant has a production capacity of 100,000 units in the initial stage. And TOYOTA’s export target is set at 193,000 units, valued at 77,000 million baht, plus the export of parts worth 39,400 million baht. This will make a total export value of 116,400 million baht. We have set the target and have challenged ourselves to be one of the production bases in the world that has achieved standards in safety, production quality and cost effectiveness—and this is intended to develop the Thai auto industry, to create the greatest satisfaction for customers and to support many aspects of social activities on a continuous basis for the benefit of the Thai society as a whole. TOYOTA wishes to thank all Thais for placing their trust in TOYOTA vehicles so that TOYOTA has been able to achieve the No.1 position in the sales of automobiles in all segments,” said Mr. Sonoda.

For more information please contact:
Mahasamut   Saisawan
Public Affairs Office
Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd
Tel: +66 2 305 2065
Fax: +66 2 305 2014 - 5

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