Nestle Pure Life sets to continuously expand its customer base

General Press Releases Thursday January 25, 2007 15:54
Nestle Pure Life sets to continuously expand its customer base and enhance brand awareness introducing 3 new TVC with budget over 100 million baht

Nestle Pure Life announces its pro-active plan to continuously drive into the bottled drinking water market with aims to enhance its leadership by introducing 3 new versions of TVC under the concept of “Share your lively life Share with Nestle Pure Life” to promote the pure drinking water as the necessity in life among the young generation.   It plans to spend over 100 million baht on advertising and promotion budget to enhance the consumers’ confidence in Nestle Pure Life as the world’s leader in the drinking water industry.

Prayad Anuchiracheewa, Executive Director – Water Business under Nestle (Thai) Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of Nestle Pure Life bottled drinking water revealed that the company has achieved a significant success from its re-launch campaign last year including the introduction of “Rain” TV commercial, the   re-launching of new label highlighting on its new outstanding trendy and refreshing look in line with its brand personality emphasizing on modern refreshing using blue and pink as its core colors as well as strengthening its retail distribution network and retail outlet decoration. At the same time, the company has also invested in the production line expansion that led to its achievement in term sales and growth target.   The success from last year campaign showed that the company is on the right track of market development, which is in line with the new generation lifestyle and effectively serve the consumers’ requirement, as well as the good opportunity to continue with its effort to drive into the market.

Regarding its marketing strategy in 2007, the company continues to focus on the brand differentiation sharing the freshness to the consumer by introducing 3 versions of new 30-second TVC namely “Basketball”, “Chat” and “Traffic” to be on air from January 25, 2007 onward.   The 3 new TV commercials aims to build up the brand’s “Emotional Value” highlighting on sharing Nestle Pure Life together with a short message of concern and sentiment as well as the benefit of drinking water to the beloved ones under the concept of     “Share the essence of healthy life with Nestle Pure Life”.   The new TV commercial will be about the lifestyle of 3 different couples in different settings.   The first one “Basketball” is about a girl who was secretly in love with a popular basketball player.   She gave him a bottle of Nestle Pure Life water together with a note saying “Feel tired? Drink lots of water to refresh yourself”in order to show her affection and concern.   Top-Chaiwat Tongsang, the actor was cast as the basketball player in this new TVC.   “Chat” is about a young woman busily working on her computer when she received a message asking if she was busy and whether she would like to have a great idea.   Then, her colleague shared her a bottle of Nestle Pure Life water together with a note saying “Drinks lot of water to have great idea”.   The last one, “Traffic” reflects the life of the young generation commuting everyday amidst the heavy traffic.   A young, friendly lady cast by Tina-Pimnara Right, the singer of Preppy G band,   tried to lighten the mood of the frustrated driver in the car next to her by sharing him a bottle of Nestle Pure Life water with an attached message saying “Wish have good mood, drink lots of water”.

Prayad added “We are confident the new TVC campaign will enhance the awareness as well as recognition of the necessity of drinking lots of water.   At the same time, it would encourage the consumers who still don’t drink lots of water or drink other beverages that is not useful to the health, to start drinking Nestle Pure Life water as well as sharing the good things with your beloved ones. That’s all because drinking water is essential to the healthy life.

"Besides the new TVC campaign, the company will continue to expand its customer base to cover the younger generation capitalizing on the product strength both the quality and trendy packaging, as well as strong retail distribution network and the continuous effort on the retail outlet decoration campaign.   The company is confident that with such strategies, it will be able to almost double its sales growth by the end of this year” said Prayad.

Prayad commented that the competition of the drinking water business this year will tend to be more vigorous which is apparent from the total market value of over 13,000 million baht   last year and the forecast of continuous growth resulting in the major players coming up with competitive marketing and branding strategies to gain acceptance and recognition from the consumers.   In addition, Thailand is also one of the highest per capita consumption of drinking water market in Asia especially in the PET bottle segment where the players are competing to gain more market shares.   At present, there are thousands of players in the market with only 4-5 major players.   For Nestle Pure Life, we are currently ranked No. 2 in term of market shares, however, we are confident of the high possibility to become the market leader in the PET bottled water segment within this year.

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