EuraMedia Alive, Cha-Chinging, and Expanding to Reservations to Reach Additional Investors

General Press Releases Friday June 1, 2012 11:54
Organizers Stated There Existed no Plan, on Behalf of the Much Watched C\Conference, to Abandon Its Former Digs the Seaport Hotel
Altogether, the Landmark Russian Media and Tech Summit Has Long Sought to Become Even More Appealing, Attract High Value New York Investors
Today, EuraMedia organizers, after considering postponement in order to keep up with increasing demands of the growing conference, decided to firmly set the conference dates during the early summer.

"On one hand," said an IDEA Media employee, "It was becoming clear that the growth of the conference demanded even more resources and attention. We were unsure if we could provide that, especially with the eye of the media so seemingly focused. We were also very concerned about logistics.   However, we found an ideal solution."

The conference, which has long touted itself as a Boston event, decided to maintain a compromise, executing its much anticipated eFashion Party in the Bay State in June, to a largely televised audience, but moving its core operations to the Foxwoods Resort and Casino, situated in Connecticut, between New York City and Boston.

Organizers expect the move to the Indian reservation-come-gambling haven to attract more of the New York investment community, especially those seeking to boldly and actively make investments in the media, television, and communications industries in the region.   According to some, the Boston investment community is a bit focused on a few certain companies, usually part of funds and usually public, reflecting the city's austerity, and New York investors tend to bring an added boldness and are extremely focused, if a bit more reckless at times.   "I love the mix and the interaction," said IDEA Director Matthew Goldstein.

The move also allows for a broader range of movement and division of seminars, easier filming procedures, and, perhaps most attractive to guests seeking to work and play simultaneously, access to private gambling facilities, currently outlawed in Moscow and much of the states, luxury on-site shopping with use of a value-added Foxwoods EMedia Diamond Card, given out only to VIP Summit attendees, the option to stroll about scenic, rural Connecticut, and full access to the resort's luxury pool, gym, and sauna facilities.

The MGM Grand Theatre, where artists already announced by EM organizers will be joined by the likes of Seal and others, will also be a major plus to the awards ceremony and UK-US-Russia golf tournament being organized by the resort will provide even deeper networking opportunities.

"Of course," said Goldstein, "The fear is always to give too much glitz and glam and obscure the main purpose of the summit.   However, Foxwoods allows us to do concurrent trade shows for media buying and selling as well as exposition of new technologies for investment, over two days straight, as opposed to alternating them.   Likewise.   the environment is as open or enclosed as a particular guest needs it to be.   There is room for everyone and the amount and type of space that they are accustomed to.   Likewise, there is opportunity to have day trippers from both Boston and New York, which of course vastly expands the amount of investors who will be attending. Finally, the ability to allow ourselves a little extra time to prepare (the final dates of the conference have been set for July 11-14), allows us to not only feel more comfortable that everything will be handled properly logistics-wise but also gives us the opportunity to attract even more West Coast and European players, who had just begun to pile on."

For its part, Foxwoods is, according to National Sales Manager Natalie Altobelli, extremely excited about working with the EM attendees.   "We are particularly excited in being a part of an event that promises to showcase so many developments in the interactive gaming industry, including 3-D visual mapping technologies, hologram interaction capability, and UI techs" [such as those used in Minority Report, the movie], which will be displayed by revolutionary Russian company Displair.   "These technologies are not simply toys nor advertising mechanisms. They also will play a key role in the future of our industry."   As such, Foxwoods itself will play a role in the Gaming forum and subsequent exhibitions.

EuraMedia plans to offer daily luxury bus service to and from both Boston and New York and hopes that NYC, as well as Boston, will support a similar kick-off event as Boston's eFashion Party.
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Dmitry Zimin

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