Revised Release; Polyplastics to Launch Global Sales of PPS Resin

General Press Releases Wednesday July 4, 2012 16:04
TOKYO--4 Jul--Kyodo JBN- AsiaNet/InfoQuest

The press release titled "Global Sales of PPS Resin," which was issued by Polyplastics Co., Ltd. on Thursday, June 21, 2012, contained an expression which made an inappropriate reference. We sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience this caused the press and everyone else concerned. The following press release is a corrected version.

Polyplastics Co., Ltd. announced on June 21 that it will begin global sales of PPS resin, including in Europe and the United States. PPS resin products will be globally marketed under a new trademark, DURAFIDE(R)*1. All of the PPS resin products under the current trademark, FORTRON(R), used by Polyplastics will be discontinued and be sold under the DURAFIDE(R) trademark by the middle of next year.

Ticona, a business of Celanese Corporation, will continue to market and sell FORTRON(R) PPS as it has in the past.

Global demand for PPS resin is increasing due to its superior thermostability, dimensional stability, and mechanical properties that make it highly suitable primarily for automotive, electrical, and electronic applications, but also for a broad range of uses in a variety of industries, including the household equipment industry, and for fiber and film applications.

In the automotive industry and other industries, Japanese companies are already establishing their presence in Europe, the United States, and other countries around the world, and are building global production networks. European and American companies are also relocating their R&D and production facilities on a global scale.

Polyplastics will conduct global sales of PPS resin DURAFIDE(R) along with POM resin DURACON(R) and PBT resin DURANEX(R) in order to provide rapid support for Japanese companies as they increasingly globalize their businesses, and also to strengthen business relationships with European and American customers and

support their needs in developing new products, in the aim of securing even greater prominence as a leading engineering plastics company.
*1: DURAFIDE(R) is a registered trademark of Polyplastics Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries.
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