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Bangkok--19 Aug--Four Hundred

The Primary English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at SBS are specifically geared towards students who lack confidence in English. The major difference between ESL and mainstream classes is the size is smaller (8-10 students per-class) and therefore more time can be devoted to each student individually.

Sometimes in a big class environment students can get left behind. Some students, who may not possess a big personality and lack confidence in their ability, will hide in the crowd and even worse, not speak up when they don’t understand. ESL is designed to help them regain that confidence in English language. They are re-introduced to the basics of English where they can start afresh. Their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills are built back up from ground level and then accelerated once they truly have a grasp of the concepts and can apply them with confidence.

Additionally some students arrive at SBS from different schools and may not have been exposed to English as much, so the ESL class is ideally suited to these students. I created a simple, three-tier structure (progress rubric), which allows students to progress at the rate they are comfortable with. Once they have completed the level 3 rubric, they can graduate back to the mainstream class with a new-found confidence in English.

The teaching and learning in the ESL room is no different from any other English class. It’s fun, interactive, dynamic, involves the students and encourages their participation as much as possible. Perhaps the most important aspect of my teaching in ESL is giving recognition to the students when they work hard or make progress, however small it may be at the time. It could be something as simple as reading a sentence aloud to the classroom. This may seem insignificant at the time, but to the student it could have been a daunting, terrifying experience and this suddenly makes it a courageous moment. In these moments, it is the teacher’s duty to tell the student “you did great!” and this is how confidence is rebuilt.

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