ISPOR Asia-Pacific Conference in Beijing, China to Focus on Health Care Reform, Big Data, and Patients in Asia

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The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), in conjunction with the ISPOR Asia Consortium, and the China Pharmaceutical Association Pharmacoeconomics Society has organized the ISPOR 6th Asia-Pacific Conference, which will take place September 6-9, 2014 at the Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing, China. Presentations from this conference will focus on a comparison of China and South Korea's health care reform with Obamacare, incorporating the patient's voice into health care decision making, health technology assessment (HTA) in Asia, using "Big Data" in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and the development of electronic health records in Asia. Perspectives from noted international key opinion leaders and decision makers will be featured.

In the opening session, the State Leader, Vice Chairman of the 11th National Peoples' Congress of China and Honorary Conference Chair, Professor Guowei Sang, will deliver a keynote speech, "Pharmaceutical Policy, Research, and Development in China."   Since health care reform has brought significant changes to the health care system and infrastructure in China and has created new opportunities for different stakeholders, the question has become: "Who are the true winners and who are the losers? Is the reform successful in achieving its goal of equality and quality of care for all patients?" Therefore, during the session, "China Health Care Reform: Who Gains and Who Loses?" experiences and lessons learned with South Korea's successful health care reform, the USA's Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), as well as health care reform in China will be examined. The trend of China heath care reform for the next decade will also be explored.

Health care is for the patient, but the patient's voice is often lost in the debate among different stakeholders. This is particularly true in health care delivery and health care policymaking in Asia where health care providers, payers, and producers usually dominate the discussion. Patient groups are established to amplify the patient's voice not only at the health care delivery level, but also at the formulary and reimbursement level. As a result, speakers in the session, "Hearing the Patient's Voice in Health Care Decision Making in Asia," will discuss the challenges and opportunities for incorporating patient perspectives into health care decisions in Asia through the efforts of patient organizations, and how the patient's voice is often lost in the debate.

Lastly, health care data is essential for evidence-based decision making, but with the current data deficit in Asia, providers, researchers, and policymakers are often limited in how they can better apply the knowledge and make the right decision for the patient. Electronic health records (EHRs) are an important resource for capturing patients' up-to-date health information accurately and completely for smarter health care. In the session, "Electronic Health Records for Informed Health Care in Asia-Pacific: Learning from Each Other," attendees will learn about the issues that health care systems in Asia are facing in developing electronic health record (EHR) software, collecting and using data, as well as privacy concerns. In addition to an examination of how EHRs can be adopted in Asia, international experience and lessons learned will be shared.

Additional highlighted sessions include:
-- How to Construct Reimbursement Submissions in the Absence of Head-to-Head
Clinical Data
-- Improving the Validity of Health Economic Research Using Big Data and
Real World Evidence
-- Managing High-Cost, Innovative Pharmaceuticals in Asia: Is Something Lost
When Translating Theory into Practice?
-- Updating Reimbursement Guidelines in Asia-Pacific: Who's Doing What?
-- Value of Real World Non-Interventional Research In Oncology: Global and
Asia Experiences and Challenges
-- The Potential for HTA in Health Care Development Assistance Programs in

The ISPOR 6th Asia-Pacific Conference also has a new extended program that includes one and a half days of pre-meeting educational courses and two and a half days of scientific presentations. Over 1,200 researchers, decision makers, and health technology assessors from over 40 countries are expected to attend.

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