Hi-Q 1 Plus Super Golds New Solution for Parents to Shape Their Children to be Future Leaders

General Press Releases Wednesday September 14, 2016 15:00
Bangkok--14 Sep--Ogilvy Public Relations

Moms of this generation dedicate their time to make certain that their children are gaining experiences at a very young age. This provides a strong foundation for their children to grow successfully and become leaders in the future. However, mothers should give utmost importance to having children be strong physically and emotionally in order to protect themselves against obstacles throughout their path to success.

On this occasion, Hi-Q 1 Plus Super Gold is organizing the "Hi-Q 1 Plus Shaping Destiny" event to introduce a new solution that will act as a coach to support all mothers in providing important information on nutrition and the suitable parenting style for children of this generation.

Ms. Ruangrat Wongsuwanlert, Brand Marketing Manager, Dumex Thailand,said "Hi-Q 1 Plus Super Gold is ready to be by all mothers' side in developing emotional and physical strength for the children's successes in the future through the solution that highlights nutritional factors and child's development. The nutritional factors are developed by Nutricia Research, world's specialist in nutrition for the early stage of life. The product consists of DHA and Synbiotic, privileges for suitable development that responds to a mother's needs for her children to be strong and protect them from obstacles that are in the way of their development.

Hi-Q 1 Plus Super Gold team has been working with doctors who are specialized in child's development and Thailand's most renowned psychologists for over a year to develop Today for Tomorrow Application. Today for Tomorrow Application acts as a guide for positive parenting in order to create discipline and supports a good development. It also includes a talent test that will help mothers evaluate their children's interests in order to hone their skills. Every mother can download this application for free to create future leaders today".

Dr. Amporn Benjapolpitak M.D., Director of Rajanukul Institute, Department of Mental Health at the Ministry of Public Health, said "the main importance of parenting is to start with love and bonding. A child's happiness and positive outlook will be the main core for their sustainable success. The tight bond will allow parents to naturally observe their children's interests and skills and to support children to learn new things in response to their interests. Parents should also encourage children to try to face difficulties and challenges in order experience trial and error in a suitable way to hone their skills. Parents can be involve in the learning process and have fun with the children. They should create an admirable and supportive environment for children to build confidence and pride in order to push themselves towards success.

Some children might show their skills and interests very early on, for example, kids that are critical thinker will have a high IQ, a good concentration, and a good memory. They will also be a fast learner, observant, and attentive to learn about things around them. Parents should encourage their children to have a variety of experiences and support in activities that are mind challenging such as an intricate jigsaw puzzle, games, or building blocks with shapes that are more complicated.

Children that have good language and communication skills might be able to speak faster than other children their age, and have an advance set of vocabulary that is beyond their year. Parents should support their children to enjoy reading and storytelling, engage them in conversations, and ask questions that will trigger their minds. In addition, learning a language should be connected to the development in other areas such as acting out words or to explain artworks which promotes expression and artistic skills at the same time".

Even with mischievous children, the bond and the suitable way to play with them can help parents encourage them to become great athletes in the future.

For children who hasn't clearly expressed skills in any particular area, parents shouldn't be worried and put pressure on them because that will impair their feelings and confidence. Parents' love, gentle bonding, and observation skill will be the key for children to open up and be ready to discover their skills and interests in the end.

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