SIAM GEMS HERITAGE, A Modern Presentation of Thai Gem Museum, Targets the Young Generation by Making Gem Knowledge Easily Accessible

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"Siamgems Heritage", the newest Thai gem museum, opens the door to learning about Thai gems
through modern media with a 360๐ dome cinema showcasing a variety of rare gems.
It is planned as a learning center for Thai gems and to preserve Thai craftsmanship for the new generation.
Visitors will enjoy mini concert "The DIAMOND CROWN MASK" from The MASK SINGER MEETS FANS
AT SIAMGEMS HERITAGE and win special prizes from Siam James Heritage.

SIAMGEMS HERITAGE, the newest gem museum in Thailand, has been open since 24 November 2016 to anyone who is interested in learning about the identity and excellence of Thai gemstones. It has interested both Thai and foreign visitors who have come to experience the treasures of gems and jewelry through its galleries. Visitors will learn about the history of the gems from Thailand and around the world, discover rare Thai gems, such as "Nopparat or Noppakaw", the Siamese Crown 21.09 karat ruby, as well as exhibitions of gems from various groups with a full multimedia presentation provided by interactive modern media both via 3D hologram and the innovative 360๐ dome cinema.

Miss Panchanok Jitchinakul, General Manager of SIAMGEMS HERITAGE, said, "For 2018, the SIAMGEMS HERITAGE Museum has created the concept of a learning center for the new generation. This year we will focus on promoting the youth, students and tourists to have the opportunity of seeing the beauty of rare gems in various presentations. Hopefully, we will draw the attention of the new generation who have an interest in the gems' stories, history and the knowledge of Thai craftsmanship. In addition, we are trying to find new gemstones to exhibit because gems are reborn in the world all the time, such as Red Beryl, the largest rare gem in the world, recently excavated just a year or two ago in Utah, USA. The largest carved one in the world is now one carat, and SIAMGEMS HERITAGE has obtained a half carat Red Beryl for display.

"We're not talking about how much more expensive it is, but we always try to find something that is rare to see. At least the students who have read about it in a book and want to see what a Red Beryl looks like will come to see the real thing at the museum. As well as the exquisite jewelry from artisans' gems in Thailand, which is recognized globally as one of the world's most delicate arts and part of the cultural heritage of Thailand that we should be proud of, such as Noppakaw, in which nine types of gems come together, believed to promote the nine planets, according to the wearer. This requires a skill in sorting the gems, by color and cut, by the right size and beautiful design, which requires effort and is very elaborate. This is the origin of the SIAMGEMS HERITAGE, gems museum of Thailand, bringing together the experience and knowledge of gemstones and jewelry for over 56 years, so I would like to inspire and continue to help promote and preserve knowledge as an important key of the cultural heritage of Thailand passed down to the new generations of the future. "

On the occasion of now being open for more than a year, SIAMGEMS HERITAGE held a Meet & Greet mini concert from THE MASK SINGER MEETS FANS AT SIAMGEMS HERITAGE. There were 100 lucky winners who attended the mini concert of "The Diamond Crown Mask" and came to visit the beautiful world of jewelry and gems at SIAMGEMS HERITAGE gems museum of Thailand. The group will provide an opportunity for young people to experience the museum and discover the beauty of gems and their rarity in an easily accessible format. The event also offered the chance to win prizes and receive a discount on purchases of jewelry and meet with "JJ Krishnakanphum" and "Opal Panisara". For those who missed being among the first 100 winners, there is still a chance to win a pair of genuine Ruby Pendants from Siam James Heritage.

SIAMGEMS HERITAGE is Thailand's newest gem museum. Opening hours are 12:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs (Last admission is at 16:00 hrs). The admission fee for Thai adults is 200 baht. For children of a height between 90 – 135 cm, it is 100 baht. Adults over 60 years old and children under 90 cm in height enter free of charge.

Special! For educational institutions interested in organizing a group visit, please submit a written request for a visit in advance with details to SIAMGEMS HERITAGE Museum. We are pleased to offer free admission.

For further information, please visit Facebook: SIAMGEMS HERITAGE or call 02 949 9500
About SIAMGEMS HERITAGE, Thai Gem Museum

The uniqueness and greatness of SIAMGEMS HERITAGE will first be experienced at reception. There you will discover an elegantly shaped sculpture of a golden elephant father and son (Khun Tubtim and PlyNoi). Covered in 99.99% gold, adorned with numerous gems on the carrier, it is related to the early Ayutthaya period and the ancient art of goldsmithing, according to the style of Wat Ratchaburana, Ayutthaya.

Interesting exhibits include:
  • SIAMGEMS Sphere

A 360 dome movie theater, 15 meters in diameter, plays the "Genesis of Gem", a journey through the world of gemstones and their natural dimensions in time, with an exciting presentation on the birth of various gems, using lights and surround sound with world-class technology, inviting you to immerse yourself in this truly spectacular story.

  • Manee-Nirun Room

The history of jewelry, exhibiting gems from around the world. Learn the history of jewelery from around the world since its beginnings with the first primeval beaded jewelry made from natural materials, up through the Bronze Age when man started melting precious metals for the first time. At this point, the Golden Age of Thailand is dominated by a legendary settlement that has been referred to as Suvarnabhumi. The Gemstones Era of mankind brought us colored stones polished into bright and beautiful shapes. Finally, in the Fine Arts Era, the cutting technology was born to create a sparkling in diamonds and other precious gems such as had never been seen before. Every detail demonstrates the intellectual heritage from generation to generation, melding into a beautiful national identity.

  • Manee-Prakai

Exhibits and education are featured on various types of gemstones, displaying the shapes of each gem with 3D holographics. This section also features gems as well as rare gemstones such as ruby, pearl, topaz, emerald, aqua marine and bixbite, some of which are called "red emerald", the rarest gem of all.

Experience the jewels from all angles, through the arts of Thailand, which are recognized around the world. The creation of sparkling gemstones can be made with a variety of poles such as flower, emerald, square, rose and backside, including the cutting of the original shape of the gem into spherical, heart shape, melon, corners cut, and water drops shapes. All of them require the skills of the craftsman to make each piece of stone into a unique jewel.

  • Manee-Mongkol Room

This exhibit celebrates the Thai belief in "Noppakao", the ancient Thai belief in nine types of gem, including ruby, pearl, zircon, emerald, topaz, diamond, sapphire, garnet and python. The so-called "Nopparat" symbolizes the planet and is considered bestowing a blessing to its owner. The one who has possession of it will received great prosperity, as shown in the expressions of both religion and monarchy.

  • Pattama-Ranee Room

A masterpiece displayed in SIAMGEMS HERITAGE is the "SIAMGEMS TIARA", a crown topped with a 21.09 carat Siamese Ruby considered the king of all gems. All the world's splendor is believed held in this one crown, within the glittering jewel of the Siamese Ruby. On the wall behind the exhibit of the crown, "SIAMGEMS TIARA", a living museum is evident where you can watch the work of the lapidaries closely.

  • Manee-Vithaya Room

An exhibit that provides an understanding of the design of jewelry. The manufacturer is an artisan class field that requires a "craftsman" or "artists" who have the expertise to turn beautiful raw materials into exquisite jewelry. Describing the production process starting from the design, whether by hand and computer, the molding and implantation. With an interactive element, everyone can try their hand at jewelry design with a touch screen as well as special programs.

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