Blue Carbon Society debuted with the film #Earth: One Amazing Day

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Bangkok--15 Mar--MQDC, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation

Blue Carbon Society debuted with the film 'Earth: One Amazing Day' on 12 March at Siam Paragon – welcoming everyone to meet the documentary's director and producer, and to join hands to conserve and restore coastal and marine ecosystems to combat global warming.

Dr. Jwanwat and Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, the founders of Blue Carbon Society, officially launched the association with the screening of 'Earth: One Amazing Day', a new BBC wildlife documentary, at Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre in Siam Paragon on 12 March.

Speaking at a forum before the screening, Mr. Martin Hart-Hansen, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Thailand, gave a keynote speech welcoming the new association and the opportunity to work with it on environmental initiatives.

Blue Carbon Society is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Jwanwat and Mrs. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp as a place for everyone to spread awareness of how much the seas and coasts protect our world and to help future generations enjoy a beautiful natural world.

"Blue Carbon is like a lifeline to safeguard us all from climate change and global warming through the capacities of marine and coastal ecosystems to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Their elements such as mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, and salt marshes function as the world's air purifier," said Dr. Jwanwat.

"Although it is not new, blue carbon has received more and more attention as the capacity of green carbon, or land forest, as the world's carbon sink has critically been depleted due mainly to deforestation. With the increasing interest in blue carbon by research communities, it was found that blue carbon has more capacity to fix carbon than green carbon," he added.

Dr. Jwanwat has long played an important role in marine conservation in Thailand. He is the maker of Shelldon, a 3D animated series featuring marine life in the Andaman Sea that has been broadcast in over 180 countries.

Mrs. Thippaporn established DT Group of Companies as a community of smart and good-hearted people who care for society at large. Committed to assisting the underprivileged and to promoting the harmonious coexistence of humankind and the rest of nature, she sees Blue Carbon Society as another community of good-hearted people who take care of natural resources and ecosystems, especially endangered marine species like dugong.

Blue Carbon Society launched before the movie screening. Dr. Jwanwat and Mrs. Thippaporn featured in a panel discussion to open the event.
Mr. Martin Hart-Hansen, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Thailand, then gave a keynote speech welcoming the creation of Blue Carbon Society.

"We look very much forward to working with the Blue Carbon Society to come up with amazing solutions for conserving the blue carbon, and hopefully that'll also conserve the green carbon, and altogether we will make a better place for all the animals of Thailand but also for our kids and our grandkids, because it's all connected," said Mr. Hart-Hansen.

A dialogue followed with the documentary's BAFTA and Emmy award-winning director, Richard Dale, and its producer, Stephen McDonogh, who both traveled from the UK for this special event.
With the event the Blue Carbon Society also launched its website – – with almost 500 signing up online as friends of the association during the day.

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