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General Press Releases Wednesday March 21, 2018 14:41
Bangkok--21 Mar--พีอาร์ นิวส์ บียอนด์

Mr. Shahar Rabin, Co-founder and CEO of Capitalise Crypto (, Mr. Pipat Rungruang, Founder and CEO of Skynet Systems Co., Ltd. (, Mr. Niranv Pravithana, Founder and CEO of AVA Advisory (, and Mr. Pondet Ananchai, Founder and CEO ( together "Revolutionary Digital Trading Innovation" for implementation into the real market. SkyNet Systems, the first company in Thailand to develop Social Trading & Ranking System for The Stock & Cryptocurrency Exchange while AVA Advisory ( develops one stop service application for investors in Thailand to be used as a tool for tracking stocks. Lastly, Arbitrage Robo-advisory that contain several strategy developed by Moreover the event was held at Building Knowledge Exchange (KX) 7th floor recently.

About Us and CryptovationX (

Cryptovation Co., Ltd. ( is a Fintech startup founded in Thailand, later expand to Singapore and Hong Kong. Cryptovation has been focusing on R&D in Blockchain technology and digital asset management since 2016. In 2017, The company start Arbitrage trading strategy from spotting the huge differentiate in price from several exchange by team member's cryptoassets. Later that year, the company start taking client's asset for Wealth management service under vision "Wealth for All" for high net worth individual.

CryptovationX came out of's partner with various organizations led by AVA Advisory. The consortium of companies share the same goal, utilize Artificial Intelligence with one-stop solution Robo-advisory platform under the vision "Wealth for All" for everyone, making sophisticated investment tools more user-friendly and easy to use by strategically developing the interface with a human personality according to their specific ability, allowing effective interactions between users and the bot.

AVA Advisory (

AVA Advisory, a company which develops investment platforms in the stock market as well as research and development in Artificial Intelligence technology to predict the price of securities. The company base from Market Anywhere Co., Ltd. founded by Mr. Niranv Pravithana in 2013. AVA advisory is aiming to be one stop service solution for investor in equity market for Value Investor, Technical Investor, or Hybrid Investor (Both) .

Skynet System (

Skynet System is a company under Asiasoft Corp., listed company in Stock Exchange of Thailand. Skynet System is Financial Technology that develop Social Trading & Ranking System for Stock Exchange of Thailand first by Skynet System create a platform that execute the order for user, then after successfully launching platform in equity market Skynet System move onto cryptocurrency market.

Capitalise Crypto (

Capitalise Crypto is a company base in Israel that develop a National Language Processing (NLP) Technology. This technology can transform day to day wording into investment strategy which can be execute the moment all of conditions are met. Moreover, in the near future, Capitalise will be able to guide investor about the detail of conditions that can be most profitable

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