SEAC inaugurates in Thailand, Aiming to be the most modern and comprehensive development centre for leaders and high-level executives in ASEAN

General Press Releases Thursday March 29, 2018 16:12
Bangkok--29 Mar--SEAC
Aims to increase organisation and business capabilities to improve international competiveness in Thailand and ASEAN with quality training programmes relevant to each organisation context
Collaborates with world-renowned educational and HR development institutions by learning from world-class thinkers and experts
Occupies an expansive 4,550 sqm of purposely-designed learning space that is both contemporary and conducive to learning

"SEAC" (South East Asia Center), the development centre for leaders and high-level executives, was inaugurated on March 29, 2018 pitching itself as "the largest and most comprehensive development centre of its kind in ASEAN". Established at a cost of over Bht 300 million, the centre aims to expand the scope of its mission to develop the potential of organisation leaders and human capital, not just in Thailand but also the entire ASEAN Community. The goal is to make SEAC the development centre for leaders and high-level executives preferred by leading organisations and the place to learn closely with business thinkers and experts from world-class institutions in programmes specially designed to suit individual businesses. In this year, SEAC aims to develop as many as 500 organisations in Thailand and ASEAN.

SEAC is outstandingly different from any of the conventional development centres and consortia, in that it has secured exclusive partnership and collaboration with some of the world's leading educational and training institutions e.g. Stanford Center for Professional Development of Stanford University, The Arbinger Institute, The Ken Blanchard Companies, and Tirian, among others.

Presiding over SEAC's inauguration was Assoc.Prof. Dr. Somchet Thinaphong, Chairman of the National Innovation Board. He was welcomed by the SEAC management, led by Chief Capability Officer and Managing Director, Mrs. Arinya Talerngsri.

"The key to driving an organisation and bringing change that will further develop it to success is a leadership which has the potential, a leadership which is abreast of the situation, and a leadership that is aware of business trends and has the courage to change. The business world nowaday is rapidly changing with fast changing technological innovations and consumer behavior that is also changing business dynamics and is impacting businesses in all industries. Today, competitors are no longer from the same industry nor are they from the same country. The most fearsome competitors could be from other industries or other countries who see opportunities and have the potential to take advantage first. You cannot succeed and survive in business nowaday if you continue to rely on the existing customer base, market and the old approach," said Mrs. Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer and Managing Director of SEAC.

"Our goal in this year is to develop as many as 500 organisations in Thailand and ASEAN. We believe that leaders and personnels in Thailand and ASEAN have the hidden ability and potential but are unable to exercise fully. SEAC's programmes will enable leaders to draw their potential to run their organisations. When organisations progress, the economy will recover, and the society and country as a whole will develop. That is the ultimate goal of SEAC. Each SEAC programme will help elevate the capability and provide guidance on how to be leaders of great potential with the courage to change themselves and their organisations to get ahead of their competitors and succeed in a disruptive world," Mrs. Arinya added.

In 2018, the organisational and human resources development industry is valued at Bht 2,200 million in Thailand. SEAC is an industry leader with a market share of 18%. As the leading centre for leaders and human capital development, which is like a destination for organisation leaders seeking to learn and elevate their potential, SEAC is able to strongly drive Thailand in its effort to be an educational hub for leaders across ASEAN and should be able to help generate revenues for the country and related industries such as hotels, restaurants and shopping centres which cater to organisation leaders visiting Thailand.

"Moreover, one of the major foundations driving organisations in the world of change is 'innovation'. Not only is SEAC committed to being a leader development centre, but we also focus on grooming 'leaders who can innovate sustainably' and leaders who can teach people in their organisations to be enthusiastic about creating innovation on their own," Mrs. Arinya added

SEAC collaborates with Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) of Stanford University, the world's No. 1 university in business innovation, on two outstanding programmes: 'Leading in a Disruptive World' (LDW) and 'Leading Innovation with DESIGN THINKING (DESIGN THINKING). Both programmes have been put into practice and are well recognised for their contribution to constructive change and organisation success.

There are more than 200 leading corporations in Thailand which entrusted SEAC with devising successful development programmes. These include Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd.; Kasikorn Bank Public Co., Ltd.; Siam Commercial Bank Public Co., Ltd.; Krung Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd.; Siam Cement Public Co., Ltd.; AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.; The Minor Food Group Public Co., Ltd.; Samitivej Public Co., Ltd and Food Passion Co., Ltd.

"The solution for organisations to stand tall in a disruptive world is to turn change into opportunity and make the best of that opportunity. Only leaders who are willing to change and who have the ability to change will succeed and grow. It is common knowledge that there are many leadership theories among educational circles. In reality, education to change oneself to be a world-wise and adaptive leader is what makes an organisation survive. No books and theories can teach the subject more accurately and comprehensively than SEAC. And with a long, accumulative experience as the leader in organisational and HR development, we are confident that SEAC can be a leading force to make organisations stand tall in the long term amid currents of change in the business world," Mrs. Arinya concluded.

As the first and largest centre in ASEAN for the development of leaders and high-level executives, SEAC's team of more than 50 advisors, trainers and experts in organisational and HR development are brimming with new business ideas and are ready to share their knowledge and skills with modern executives seeking to differentiate themselves and their organisations.

SEAC is located in the heart of Bangkok on an expansive area of over 4,550 sqm comprising three floors of FYI Center Building (with LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) on Rama IV-Ratchadapisek Intersection in Bangkok. Its spaces are allocated for learning rooms, co-working areas for organisation leaders and activity areas in different sizes. The largest activity room can accommodate up to 180 people.

Structurally, SEAC consists of four main businesses: 1. Capability development of leaders and high-level executives – to develop the potential of leaders to drive organisations to success via different programmes with close guidance and advice by experts; 2. Research – organise, administer and lead applied research projects to address the key challenges facing the industries, organisations, customers and the societies.; 3. Consultancy – to offer practical solutions customised to unique business, leadership, people and innovation challenges; and 4. Learning and development spaces – for external individuals and organisations to share knowledge using SEAC as connection point in work, training conferences, seminars and other activities. Designed to be all-inclusive learning rooms, the spaces allow the capacity for either group or individual work with advanced design innovation and technology already in place, together with a wide array of facilities where learners can work endlessly on work ideas.

SEAC was formerly known as APMGroup, an organisational and people development consultancy which has been in operation for 25 years (founded in 1992). The change is intended to serve its broader vision and purpose on its mission to develop organisation leaders and human resources not only in Thailand but also in the ASEAN Community.

'At SEAC, we grow leaders to change the game and be a relevant part of the future of ASEAN and the world.'
For further information please contact:
Ms. Patcharapan Poolpechr
Tel. +66(2) 028 9759

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