Using Press Releases to Generate Publicity for Businesses

General Press Releases Monday April 9, 2018 14:16
A press release is a widely used public relations tool that helps to create awareness, generate publicity and boost trust and credibility. It can used for every business, regardless of the size.

As the name suggests, a press release is a written communication or announcement that is distributed to various media outlets (print, online, or broadcast) to inform them about a product or service. Creating content that is compelling, interesting and newsworthy will help to attract the media's attention which will generate publicity for your business.

There are many different types of releases and the type of press release a company decides to disseminate depends on what they would like to announce. A press release can fall into one of these 7 categories.
1. News Release

This is the most common type of release which provides media with news about a business and facts that they could use to write new stories or follow up stories. The purpose is to generate interest, coverage and exposure for the company. The three elements to keep in mind in this type of release are timeliness - your news must be something that is happening right now, relevance – it must be related to a current affair or trend, and newsworthiness-does your news matter and is it unique? For example, it could be news about latest development in your business, an announcement or perhaps about a recent fund-raising, merger or acquisition. It could also be about an award your company received or a milestone achieved

2. Launch Release

A launch release is taken out to announce the launch of a new product or service. For instance, it could be launch of a new restaurant, a new mobile phone , a new app or a new cosmetic brand. The purpose is to create a buzz and attract potential clients.

3. Product Release

Similar to a launch release, a product release includes the details of the product being launched. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new product. Perhaps one of your existing product won an award, you introduced a new feature in your service or there is an upgraded version. You want to provide as much detail so people have all the information they need before deciding to buy the product. Remember to add a striking photo or use an infograph.

4. Staff or Executive Announcement Release

A Staff or Executive Announcement Release is taken out to announce the appointment of a new executive in a senior position or a promotion of a staff to a significant role. Include a brief biography and photo of the executive and highlight his or her expertise and contribution to the company.

5. Expert Positioning Release

In this release, companies can share their expertise on a topic related to their industry by making a comment or sharing their perspective. This demonstrates their expertise, making them a thought leader and a go-to source of information for media in the future.

6. Event Release or Calendar News

A Calendar News or Event Release is sent to media to announce an event. This type of release is often sent to the listings columns of publications a few weeks ahead the event. It should include all important details of the event - the who, what, where, when and why of the event.

7. Photo Release

If your company has just organized an event or seminar, launched a product or service, or received an award, share this through a photo release to showcase the people involved. Remember to include an interesting photo using props in a creative way to make your photos stand out.

All of these types of releases can be sent to media, shared on your website and social media platforms. If you are looking for support in writing some of these releases, drop us an email at . We'll advise you of the strategy to take in writing these releases to raise your brand's awareness and get the recognition you deserve.

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