World Animal Protection lauds CPF for making a bold commitment in animal welfare

General Press Releases Tuesday May 8, 2018 11:59
Bangkok--8 May--CPF

World Animal Protection-Thailand (WAP)praises Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF or CP Foods) for moving on animal welfare policy in global level, citing the new policy is a significant step for food producers across the world to focus more on the wellbeing of their farm animals.

"WAP is pleased with Thailand's leading ago-business company's clear and measureable goals as well as the worldwide coverage of this policy." Mr. Somsak Soonthornnawaphat, Head of Campaigns at WAP Thailand, said.

He added that the organization is also delighted that CPF follows international standards of animal welfare, especially on the commitment to replace individual gestation pens with group gestation pens across the world within 2028.

This practice is in line with WAP's "Raise Pig Right" campaign to promote the importance of purchasing high welfare pork products from responsible sources. The group gestation pens will greatly improve sows' wellbeing by allowing them to move freely and being able to express their behaviors.

"Animal welfare will benefit every party involved. The commitment from the leading food producers such as CPF will made a great influence to sow farming in Thailand and the rest of the world." Mr. Somsak noted.

Somsak also added that the organization is willing to collaborate with private sector to improve animal welfare practice in line with the international standards. From a visit to CPF's transition pig farm, WAP have seen the progress of CPF's developing pig houses which comfortable for pigs and sows. Combined with environmental and energy management help CPF's pig farms are friendly to environment and nearby community. This will help ensure that the food production process is safe for consumers.

Somsak said "Pigs are raised in crowded pens. The new welfare principle will significantly help pigs to living in more comfortable condition and allowing them to express their nature."
"The healthy animals have less chance stress, injury and sickness. As a consequent, less antibiotics is being used at farm." He noted.

WAP is encouraging supermarkets across the world to select products from responsible suppliers. It is scientifically proven that a drug free and healthy farm animal provides a better quality and safer meat to the consumers.

According to WAP's online survey, 93% of customers of leading supermarkets in Thailand are willing to purchase products from farms that apply animal welfare practices.

Dr. Payungsak Somyanontanakul, CPF's Vice President and animal welfare expert, said CPF has been implementing an international welfare standard in poultry business since 2000 and was success as being the first company outside of Europe to receive animal welfare certification in broiler meat. The company's staff in poultry business have been trained to responsible for supervising on animal welfare practices in accordance with the international standards.

To demonstrate further commitment, CPF is studying the way to move toward cage free layer farming to provide the most comfort environment for layers

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