Jetts 24 Hour Fitness joins forces with Chulalongkorn University and Stadium One to launch community program to inspire more Thai people to live healthier lives

General Press Releases Friday May 18, 2018 10:32
Bangkok--18 May--Ogilvy Public Relations

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, one of the world's most successful 24/7 fitness franchises, has joined forces with Chulalongkorn University and lifestyle center Stadium One to launch a community program to motivate more young Thais to adopt physically active lifestyles.

Soon to be incorporated into the university's 'Pui Noon FIT 2018' project, the eight-month partnership program comprises a series of group exercise activities, health and fitness coaching sessions, as well as special membership benefits with the aim of encouraging university students and staff to keep physically active. The aim is to encourage them to lead healthier and more active lives.

"We believe in the power of positive influence within a community that can make a different in the lives of many people," explained Dane Cantwell, Country Manager, Jetts 24 Hour Fitness (Thailand). "Carrying on our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle among more people, Jetts has continued to join forces with business organizations and educational institutes to devise community initiatives with the aim of promoting physical activity as a way of life among different groups of people, no matter what fitness level they belong to."

Mr. Cantwell added that "By making the process of getting healthy more enjoyable, we have motivated more and more Thai people in different communities to engage in physical exercise, which can take place anytime of the day and in many different settings – playgrounds, gyms, schools or even at home."

As one of Thailand's largest and most important educational institutions, Chulalongkorn University is highly committed to promoting quality physical activity on its campus to encourage students and faculty alike to stay fit and healthy, Cantwell noted.

"As both a Jetts outlet and Stadium One are located in the university's vicinity, we are delighted to be a part of this community in taking a journey towards stronger and healthier lifestyles among Thais of all ages," he said. "In this special campus program, which will run for an eight-month period, Chula students and staff can enjoy a series of activities including group exercise training sessions, health and fitness coaching sessions led by Jetts qualified trainers, as well as special membership benefits."

The aim is to attract as many participants as possible so that they can experience firsthand that working out can be fun, easy and energizing. "You can get fitter or even make new friends," Cantwell said. "You will also realize that staying physically fit and mentally strong is the ultimate recipe for retaining the best possible quality of life. When that happens, it will be mission accomplished for us."

According to Thanomkiat Summavuthichai, Executive Director of Stadium One, "We strive to be an ideal sport destination for Thai people and bring them a better quality of life, and we are greatly delighted to join Chula's Pui Noon Fit 2018 as part of an effort to motivate Bangkok people to be more physically active and adopt a regular exercise routine."

According to Associate Professor Wanchai Meechart, Vice President for Human Resources at Chulalongkorn University, "Obesity and physical inactivity are becoming serious public health problems across the country, as well as among students and staff of our university."

Wanchai added that "We launched the Pui Noon FIT program last year in order to motivate students and staff to take better care of their health and physical fitness through developing healthy eating habits, increasing daily physical activities and engaging in regular exercise routines." As an ultimate goal, he added, "we expect the program to take a love of living healthy and physically active lives beyond the university's grounds to a wider mass of people in local communities.

"With support from key players in sport and health communities like Stadium One and Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, our students and staff participating in this community workout activity can learn how to get started with more active physical exercises which can be easy and fun. They will feel more motivated to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles, which will be truly beneficial for their overall well-being."

Several students have already tried some of the offerings available in the get-fit initiative and feel positive about them. Smon Chotivisit, student from the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chula and cheerleader of the 72nd Chula-Thammasat Traditional Football Match, said: "I truly appreciate the concept of the Pui Noon FIT program. This year's program is even more interesting with the engagement of professional players in the exercise community. I occasionally engage in traditional exercises, but today's BODAYCOMBAT group training class was totally different. It was a whole new experience. I've also learned a great deal of new fitness tips like how to turn dynamic exercises into fun activities you can enjoy every day. Fitness can be gained through a variety of daily activities."

Pakkawat Viphavaphanich, student from Faculty of Economics, Chula and cheerleader the 72nd Chula-Thammasat Traditional Football Match, expressed similar sentiments. "My exercise routine is about keeping the balance between strength and cardio training, and it's been a totally individual activity for me," he said. "Joining the group exercise today was great new fun for me. A real adrenaline rush! I believe a fun vibe is essential to convince people, especially youngsters, to engage in regular exercise routines that are the best demonstrated ways to maintain good health and fitness."

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