EZYHAUL launches its market in Thailand

General Press Releases Thursday May 31, 2018 16:15
Bangkok--31 May--newsperfect

One of the problems in transportation business regarding trucks in Thailand is "empty backhauls", which causes economic loss. Actually, it can be managed to be more cost-efficient. Although several companies realize this problem and attempt to address it, but due to fragmentation in transportation industry where many service providers exist, it is difficult to resolve the problem. Now, the new start-up of EZYHAUL will completely transform the business.

Mr. Raymond Gillon, CEO and co-founder of EZYHAUL platform, revealed that the concept of this business aims to connect "Shippers" who are looking for trucks for their shipment with "Carriers" who have underutilized capacity on their trucks, especially the empty backhauls after delivering their loads. Both shippers and carriers must register with EZYHAUL in order to use the platform, free of charge. EZYHAUL emphasizes on providing this solution to business-to-business or B2B segment only, with experienced teams in logistics monitoring each step for a seamless shipment. Land transportation business in Southeast Asia is worth up to 2.4 billion US dollar a year and tends to grow continuously. Therefore, the region is considered to be an interesting market.

"EZYHAUL was founded by logistics veterans with over 20 years of experience in Southeast Asia, who has learned and encountered several issues, especially the difficulties in finding trucks for shipment. Sometimes it wastes lot of time to contact several service providers just to request for quotation and make a booking. However, using the platform of EZYHAUL will make "Transportation Ezy". When registering with EZYHAUL, shippers can log in and use the platform to immediately get a price quote by simply specifying pickup and delivery locations as well as vehicle type they need. At the same time, carriers will receive an offer from shippers through mobile phone application and decide to accept the market offer real-time. EZYHUAL is responsible for connecting those parties and also ensure transportation is made Fast, Reliable and Ezy," Raymond said.

For the launch in Thailand market this time, EZYHAUL realizes the country's competency where currently not many on-demand transportation platforms serving B2B segment exist and brings in its strength of technology, which has been successfully implemented in Malaysia and Singapore markets, to deliver easy-to-use experience for users in Thailand. In addition, it also customizes the platform in response to specific demands of Thailand's transportation market, such as container haulage. Users can use the platform in both English and Thai per preferences. EZYHAUL positions Thailand as a key location for future expansion to other South-East Asian countries.

EZYHAUL was founded by 3 best friends from 3 countries, Raymond Gillon from the Netherlands, Nicky Lum from Malaysia, and Mudasar Mohamed from India, who initiated this concept in August 2015. Ezyhaul has established and been operating in Singapore and Malaysia since 2016, with thousands of trucks in the markets signed up on the platform. We are now expanding to Thailand and aiming to also be successful the same here. Despite being a young company, the growth rate is impressively high and rapid. Thus, it is ready to expand its service to other countries, especially the highly opportune country like Thailand where the proportion of land transportation is accounted 80% of overall national transportation. With the expansion to Thailand, Ezyhaul will effectively become a leading digital freight transportation platform in Southeast Asia.

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