Heal your Body and Spirit: Korean Buddhist Culture Experience Week

General Press Releases Friday June 1, 2018 17:09
SEOUL, South Korea--1 Jun--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Do you need to heal your body and spirit? Then visit the Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong. The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism and the Korean Culture and Information Service will hold an event to promote Temple Food and Templestay from June 11-13, 2018.

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Temple food consists of dishes containing no meat or the five pungent vegetables of the allium onion species(garlic, green onion and so on) which are considered unhelpful in a contemplative life. Instead they use natural seasonal ingredients. Templestay is a program in which anyone can experience everyday life in a Korean Buddhist temple.

There will be three programs at the Korean Cultural Centre Hong Kong open to all and free of charge: Photo Exhibition of Temple Food and Templestay, Templestay Experience and Temple Food Cooking class.

The Photo Exhibition will display diverse pictures of Temple Food, Templestay participants and activities at Korean temples. There will also be exhibitions of dolls made of Hanji, mulberry fiber paper that show different aspects of temple life such as: Gongyanggan (the kitchen, vegetable fields) and Baru gongyang (monks' traditional eating style) and four seasonal models of temple food.

Hands-on activities include Lotus Flower making and Wood block printing(off an engraved plate of Buddha's words).

Ven. Yeogeo Sunim will give a three-day Temple Food Cooking class. She will teach how to make Gamja Ong-sim-e (Potato Soup) and Gochu sobagi (stuffed pepper Kimchi), using ingredients familiar to the people from Hong Kong. Participants will be also able to learn and taste Kimchi, a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables.

Templestay can be experienced as well during the Hong Kong International Travel Expo, which runs from June 14-17, 2018. The general public will be welcomed to participate in activities, such as Handheld fan paintings, making traditional patterned coasters, and making lotus lanterns on June 16 and 17.

Korean Cultural Centre
Korea's Tourism Organization
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Caption - Korean Temple Food
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Caption - Seon Meditation
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Caption - Gamja Ong-Sim-e (Potato Soup)
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Caption - Gochu sobagi (stuffed pepper Kimchi)
Source: Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism

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