5 Health Benefits of Olive Oil for Children

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Olive oil is an ingredient internationally known for its benefits for our body, but did you know it can be a 'parent's best friend' because of the countless of benefits it can give children. Thailand's number one olive oil, Bertolli(R), is proud to present the five top benefits of olive oil every parent should know for the health of their beloved children.

1. Supports Development, Easy to Eat

Olive oil provides many health benefits including being full of antioxidants, protecting against heart disease and diabetes. But did you know it also provides highly valuable benefits to children above six-months-old when starting to eat solid foods.

Extra virgin olive oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 in similar portions to breast milk, and the same level of linoleic acid, making it helpful for the development of nerve fibers and brain development. Additionally, it helps gastric functioning, preventing constipation and colic in babies[1], and helps vitamin D to support bone health[2].

At the same time it is easy to include olive oil in toddlers or children's food, making it very popular amongst parents. You can start adding olive oil to your baby's diet as soon as she is ready for solids, just add a teaspoon to baby food, or cook their foods in olive oil as they get older.

2. Natural Moisturizer for Baby's Skin

Antioxidants and vitamin E are naturally present in olive oil, so it has been used for centuries as a natural moisturizer suitable for all ages, particularly beneficial for the sensitive skin of babies. Simply apply a small amount, followed by a gentle massage, to soothe your child's skin, preventing dryness and allergies, and relaxing babies into sleep. Applying olive oil can also create a great bonding moment, with the skin to skin contact and time together. Proven to improve psychological development[3], this parent-infant connection is crucial to physical and mental development.

3. Reduce Dandruff

The moisturizing qualities of olive oil can help reduce dandruff on your child's scalp caused by dryness or irritation[4]. Simply apply a small amount of olive oil on your baby's scalp and hair, leave it for 10-20 minutes. Then wash it off using a baby shampoo and warm water. Finally, comb their hair to help brush out any dandruff residue. If using olive oil regularly as a scalp treatment, it will have the added benefit of nourishing your baby's hair, making it stronger, healthier, and shinier.

4. Constipation Remedy

Olive oil also has the quality of relieving constipation for children, by eating it or applying it on the stomach area. When your children's happiness is disturbed by constipation, you can either cook them meals using olive oil which could help support smoother digestion, or you can apply warm olive oil to their stomachs. Then use a clockwise massage all over your baby's stomach, to help promote digestion.

5. Reducing Cough

Cough is another unwanted thing for parents, but olive oil can present a natural alternative to help getting rid of it. 'Being the Parent' parenting blog, suggests combining 3-4 teaspoons of olive oil with 2-3 drops of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil. Then gently apply a small amount on the chest and back area of the coughing infant before bedtime, to help soothe their chest and give your little ones a cough-less sleep.

A bottle of olive oil provides a lot of benefits for everyone in the family, including as a parent's best friend! Simply start with internal benefits by cooking with it and you can also receive external benefits by applying olive oil. Always consult with your doctor if you have any questions, or would like to try something new with your baby.

About Bertolli

As the world's number one olive oil brand, Bertolli was founded in the small Tuscan town of Lucca, Italy. For 150 years, the Bertolli name has been at the heart of Italian and international cooking and eating. At the heart of the Bertolli brand is a commitment to quality, dedication to leveraging the natural goodness of ingredients and a tradition of providing outstanding and flavorful olive oils to Thailand and the world. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/BertolliTH/ .

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