MALEE Group Launches #MAS, its Research and Product Innovation Arm - Introduces Vintico 100% Natural Coconut Vinegar to Tap Health Market

General Press Releases Wednesday June 27, 2018 15:02
Bangkok--27 Jun--ABM

Bangkok – 27 June 2018: MALEE Group has officially launched a subsidiary called MALEE Applied Science Co., Ltd. (MAS) to lead the Group's research and product innovation efforts while carrying out the company's CSR-in-process mission. MAS will develop high-value-added (HVA) products that help ensure sustainability for farmers while enhancing the Group's overall competitiveness. Vintico 100% natural coconut vinegar, the first product innovation launched by MAS, is made from 100% coconut juice, so it offers superior benefits compared to other fruit vinegars and is in line with today's health trends as a sugar-free superfood.

Ms. Roongchat Boonyarat, Chief Executive Officer, MALEE Group Public Co., Ltd., said MALEE Applied Science Co., Ltd. (MAS) was established to develop HVA agricultural products that generate sustainable income for farmers while ensuring stable supply chain sourcing for greater competitiveness and growth. These two elements are essential in moving MALEE forward in its mission to become a Health-Driven Global F&B Firm.

"MAS is considered MALEE Group's CSR-in-process operation and follows the approach that MALEE has been taking for over 40 years, which is to think of others first so that we can grow together. This is an important foundation for our concept of Growing Well Together with four major stakeholders—consumers, the MALEE family, the environment, and farmers," she said.

Dr. Supakeat Kambutong, Managing Director, MALEE Applied Science Co., Ltd. (MAS), explained that MALEE Group's secret weapon for research & development to support MAS' mission is four clusters: 1) Cluster H (Health & Life-Science Products) for developing products based on advancements in life sciences for better health and well-being; 2) Cluster E (Environment & Energy) for creating value-added raw materials and optimizing their full use with 0% waste, which enhances energy efficiency and environmental sustainability; 3) Cluster V (Visionary Sciences & Advanced Materials) for developing smart and light substances from agricultural raw materials that can be used as alternative materials; and 4) Cluster I(Internet of Things & Services, or IOT) to communicate and connect all over the world using digital tools in daily life, creating useful data and enabling a smart research facility.

"Vintico" 100% Natural Coconut Vinegar, the first product to hit the market

Vintico, a 100% natural coconut vinegar, is MAS' first product innovation to enter the market. MAS uses the latest technology to better manage agricultural raw materials, such as excess coconut water required for RTD coconut water production due to an insufficient growing or ripening period, or an undesirable level of sweetness that may affect the taste. These raw materials went through an advanced R&D process that ultimately resulted in a truly innovative product. This outstanding innovation recently won second place at the World Food Innovation Awards 2018 in London, England, and "SIAL Innovation Award" at the SIAL Expo 2018 in China, for being a product with excellence in quality and innovation.

Vintico 100% natural coconut vinegar is becoming recognized as a natural remedy. Coconut juice is isolated and fermented in oak barrels using MAS' exclusive process, resulting in a unique pure vinegar that tastes better than other available products. Several research papers have shown that, unlike other fruit vinegars, vinegar made from coconut juice contains zero sugar residuals. This makes it suitable for consumption by diabetes patients. Regularly consuming coconut vinegar can help to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and fat levels, while boosting the body's digestive and immune systems. According to research on immune levels, coconut water vinegar can boost immunity 700 times more than apple vinegar. Vintico can be consumed right out of the bottle in concentrated form. It can also be mixed with other beverages, or serve as a cooking ingredient or salad dressing, along with many other uses. Vintico 100% natural coconut vinegar is now available at leading supermarkets such as Gourmet Market for 1,590 baht per bottle.

Vintico has also been showcased at product exhibitions in Dubai, Japan, and China, as well as at the recent ThaiFex event. It received considerable positive feedback, with many companies now negotiating to become distributors and food service operators considering Vintico as a new key ingredient for cooking.

Today's launch event featured special guest "Chef Faifu" from the Krua Indy TV program, who used Vintico to prepare healthy menu items such as Chef Salad and Granita, which will delight health-conscious consumers.

"Going forward, you will see MALEE Group diversify our portfolio from producing and distributing canned fruit and fruit juices into other lines of business. We will also continue to create innovations that meet consumer demands under our 'Go Health and Wellness' strategy. By researching and developing innovative breakthroughs, MAS will add and optimize value for agricultural products and ensure greater sustainability for farmers. Following the Vintico launch, MALEE Group will continue to introduce a wide range of innovative products that will help us to become a Health-Driven Global F&B Firm," concluded Ms. Roongchat.

MALEE Applied Science Co., Ltd. (MAS), Passion for Innovation
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