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June 28th 2018 –The rise of the co-working trend has started to change the way people work. Taking this one step further, The Great Room is dedicated to changing the way people feel about work.

Blending inspiration from the world's best offices, luxury hotels and business clubs, The Great Room has been changing the way its members feel about work since its successful launch in mid-2016. From complimentary breakfast and specialty coffee made by friendly baristas, to a turndown cart distributing hot chocolate and cookies, and regular members' cocktail events, The Great Room banishes the workday blues.

Since its establishment in June 2016, The Great Room has expanded into 3 prime Singapore CBD locations.
The first regional foray for The Great Room occupies 30,000 square feet at the newly built Gaysorn Tower in the heart of downtown Bangkok.

Designed in collaboration with global design studio Michael Fiebrich Design, The Great Room at Gaysorn Tower is sophisticated, laden with natural light and the most sumptuous views of Bangkok's vibrant cityscape. There is space for private focused work, corporate entertaining in intimate or heroic settings, a variety of meeting rooms and communal nooks for casual collisions – for grown-ups.

The business club and co-working space is structured by a crystal-clear layout consisting of streets and intimate spaces. It exudes an overall ambiance that is equal parts warm and inviting and brings to life what The Great Room termed 'the new corporate neutral'. The distinct marble floor, made up of eight different types of stones, creates varying intensities across the Drawing Room. This is set against curved timber walls, dark timber desks, fresh celadon hues and ambient lighting to execute an exceptional aesthetic. The result builds layers of warmth and texture, and blurs distinction between private and public experiences.

According to Jaelle Ang, Co-Founder and CEO of The Great Room, "If we know with laser focus who we are creating for and start with the right questions, we end up in a very different place than beanbags, hustlin' slogans and beer-pong."

The Great Room experience begins at The Drawing Room where first impressions are formed, rapports and built with like-minded people. It is also the perfect backdrop for evening cocktails and large-scale fireside chats Gatherings of like-minded tribes from 6 to 120 pax, whether for learning, meeting, impressing or entertaining, can be housed in various meeting spaces, namely the State Room (elegant boardroom for 14 pax), Studio (up to 50 pax), or Study (meeting space for 4 pax). Hot Desks and Hot Offices are available for members to seek the rest of the fulfillment they need from working alone or together.

Jaelle Ang shares, "We believe that good design draws a like-minded and ambitious community. Thais are extremely design savvy and has a unique joie de vivre. We wanted to create an all-encompassing work and play experience that welcomes co-working members and business club members to share the hospitality experience that defines The Great Room. This opening further cements our purpose to change the way people feel about going to work. Because beyond productivity, work is also about new conversations, connections, inspiration, contemplation and repose. It's our job to design the perfect backdrop to the highlights of life happening."

The Great Room will also have a specially curated business and cultural programme for members, focusing on growth across one's professional, personal, wellness, creativity and cultural development. Since opening The Great Room in Singapore, the social aspect of its co-working space has been known to seduce its members to spend more time at the office, from the first cup of cappuccino to one's nightcap.

The new Gaysorn Tower office is a key milestone in The Great Room's growth strategy with the company strategically growing and nurturing its high value community and network across Asia. By end of 2018, The Great Room will come to serve a growing community of over 700 companies in technology, finance, lifestyle and media, across its seven locations in four cities, namely Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


The Great Room is a community of leading entrepreneurs and 'grown-up' start-ups. Our members are offered curated experiences, beautifully designed workspaces, personalised services and opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations. Located in Singapore, Bangkok and soon, Hong Kong. The Great Room is set to become a regional network of business clubs and co-working spaces for grown up start-ups and thought leaders. The company serves a roster of innovation-driven members, including technology, finance and design-savvy companies.

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