Foremost Collaborates with Leading Child-Development Experts in Organizing Meet Specialists, Enhance Proper Child Development Symposium

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Child Development during the first three years of life is particularly important because one's body and brain develop most significantly in this period. Recognizing this fact, Foremost – the dairy brand living by Thai consumers' side for more than 60 years – has joined hands with Amarin Baby & Kids and Thailand's leading gurus in staging the "Meet Specialists, Enhance Proper Child Development" symposium. Held for the first time, this event aims at educating new-generation parents about how to aid development of their beloved children in the right way. Tips and advices are given to ensure that children enjoy great physical, intellectual, emotional, and social developments. With care and support, children will then have good brain development, achieve proper development for their age, and stay healthy.

Ms. Vipada Autsaran, Marketing Manager, FrieslandCampina (Thailand) PCL, says, "Throughout our 60-year-long history, one of our key focuses is to deliver good nutrition to Thais via Foremost's UHT milk that is rich in nutrients and affordable in price. At the same time, we have focused on conducting constructive activities to promote good health among Thai families. Guided by our focus, we have decided to stage the "Meet Specialists, Enhance Proper Child Development" symposium in collaboration with Thailand's leading doctors, academics, and nutritionists for the purposes of preparing new-generation parents for proper child upbringing. This workshop provides knowledge and promotes understanding on how to encourage comprehensive development that is proper for children at the early age. There are practical tips on food choices and various activities that parents can apply, aiding their kids' development. Foremost has organized this symposium out of awareness that 'development' during childhood holds key to one's growth into quality adults".

"As for good nutrition, Foremost recommends two products. The first is Foremost 100% Cow Milk. Manufactured in line with international standard, it offers natural nutrients; namely Protein, Calcium, Omega 369, and Vitamins B2, B5, and B12. Such nutritious product supports proper total child development. The second product is Foremost Omega Gold, which promises to be very useful specifically to brain development. In content, it contains five times more DHA than general milk or up to 11.25 milligram of DHA. It is also rich in Omega 369, Vitamins A, C, E, D, and calcium. Children receiving this product will grow up healthily and enjoy a boost to their learning abilities. With this product, children will progress faster," Ms. Vipada says.

Understand "Brain" to Drive Proper Development

Associate Professor Dr. Pongsak Noipayak, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and a vice president of Navamindradhiraj University, says, "From day one of birth, trillions of brain cells are created. Their networks have developed fast during the first few years of life. After that, development rate will slow down. The first few years of life, as a result, are important to children who will grow up having different aptitude. Parents should thus pay special attention to the nutrition and development of their children. Activities in daily life affect child development. Naturally, children's brain cells will develop well when stimulated or used on a regular basis. Unused cells will falter and die. Parents should support their children's development during their first year by properly responding to their needs and playing with them. Subjects of playing should be parts of their environment. In the second year, children should be encouraged to help themselves. For example, parents should let them eat, walk, and take care of themselves as much as they can. In this year, parents should interact with their children via not just playing but also various other activities. In the third year, children should learn to take care of others too – not just themselves. At this age, parents should also engage them more in daily activities. I believe that intelligence is not a matter of genes alone. Learning in daily life, as fostered by parents, also counts".

Training for New-Gen Parents & "Holistic Parenting"

Assistant Professor Dr. Worawut Choeyprasert, a pediatrician at Vejthani Hospital and the owner of Facebook page titled "@spoiledpediatrician", says, "In today's world, parenting requires three key factors to deliver proper child development. Firstly, "good upbringing" is necessary. Parents must provide solid foundation such as vaccinations for their children's good health. Secondly, children need "a warm family". Parents thus should always make time for their kids. Parents should be the real givers. Give your children education. Give your children opportunities to choose what they want and to join activities they are interested in. Parents should also provide guidance about how to do those activities correctly. Sand play can inspire creativity and promote gross as well as fine motor development. Thirdly, parents should set and be good examples for children to follow. When playing sand with children or doing activities with them, demonstrate love, warm, and discipline. Along the process, encourage children to make decisions on their own. Parents indeed should be ready to support children's development in all aspects so that they can grow up perfectly well".

Identify & Evaluate "Children's Gifts"

Assistant Professor Dr. Suthawan Harnkajornsuk, an academic on child development and education and a lecturer at Srinakharinwirot University's Gifted Center, says, "Every child is born with a set of gifted abilities which can be about calculation, science, languages, sports, or music. There is really a wide range of gifted abilities and the level of abilities are different from child to child. Such gifts are usually based on children's liking and personal interest. Most important of all, I would like to encourage parents to spend a lot of time with their children. Observe kids. What are they doing during their free time? Kids tend to pick what they like to do when they have free time. Which things are they especially interested in? Then, consult experts for an evaluation to determine and analyze children's gifted abilities. If we can identify our children's interests and aptitudes at their young age, we will be able to support them better. Their potential will then be maximized for their success in the future. Anyway, even after parents can identify the specific interest of their children, they should not just focus on that field alone. Instead, parents should encourage their children to pursue at least a few fields of interest. Those things can be useful and complement one another. Knowledge from various fields definitely can be integrated and used together in the end".

"Nutrition" – Foundation for Children's Good Development

Ms. Waewta Ekchoana, a dietician and a nutritionist at the Bumrungrad Hospital, says, "The first three years of life have crucial importance. Over the period, brain develops very significantly even while children are sleeping. Good nutrition is thus very important at this age. From one year old onward, children should start eating adult's food. This means they should eat all five groups of food namely rice, egg, sea fish, fruits, and vegetables in the right proportion. Children indeed need three meals a day for their proper physical and brain development. Parents should serve as good role models for children in this aspect. Between meals, children should also get a few snack servings each day. Milk is highly recommended because it is rich in useful nutrients. It contains nine essential amino acids, which one's body cannot create on its own. Moreover, it contains DHA, Omega 369, calcium, and Vitamin D. All these nutrients facilitate brain and physical growth. At present, R&D has created a wide range of milk products for the market. It is easy and convenient for people to drink milk these days. Some of these milk products have added nutrients too. So, parents should read nutrition label to ensure that their children get appropriate nutrients. Moreover, parents should find creative ways to engage their children in meals. This will make children link eating healthy stuff to fun".

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