Jetts 24 Hour Fitness turns clubs into playground for grown-ups with Functional Training FX class

General Press Releases Thursday July 5, 2018 15:50
Bangkok--5 Jul--Ogilvy Public Relations

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, a global 24-hour fitness group which has recently celebrated their first-ever grand opening of 4 new clubs in Bangkok on the same day, is turning their clubs into a "playground for grown-ups" with "Functional Training FX" class. An up-and-coming group exercise class, Jetts' Functional Training FX allows participants to feverishly try full-body workout to improve the movements of everyday life with a wide range of equipment and instruction from experienced team of trainers.

Jetts' Functional Training FX is about developing skills that allow daily movements to be carried out with greater efficiency by focusing on stamina, balance, endurance and flexibility. It also helps reduce the risk of pain caused by sprain or pulled muscles, and support one's body when they do activities and play sports. The class is suitable for individuals of all ages and genders, particularly grown-ups who suffer from office syndrome on a daily basis. Functional Training FX is an all-encompassing workout that focuses on the whole muscle units rather than separating to each specific part. The workout employs basic exercises, such as squatting, pushing and pulling, that mimic the movements in everyday life to improve one's balance strength in postures, as well as relieve muscle ache caused by several hours of working in an office better than sole weight training or treadmill running.

Dane Cantwell, Thailand Country Manager, Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, said, "Jetts' Functional Training FX involves a range of exercises and use of equipment to strategically improve the participants' body movements for practical use in their everyday life. It is a workout that seamlessly strengthens the muscles and joints to ensure positive results for the whole body. It also helps improve body balance and walking and sitting postures. Most importantly, our Functional Training FX is filled with fun and excitement. It is challenging and keeps one's on their toes throughout the entire session while encouraging all participants to interact with one another. Unlike most group exercise classes that take place in a compartment with limited space, Jetts' Functional Training FX is held in the club's spacious area with a wide range of equipment to use. Since it is a small group training, the trainers can approach and offer advice to everybody in the class and the participants will play a big part in motivating and keeping one another active. Not even a second will be wasted during the class, I can assure you."

Unlike workout with most fitness equipment in which body movements are limited in one or two directions, functional training gears body movements toward various directions using various muscle units simultaneously, particularly on core muscles.

"Jett's Functional Training FX employs basic exercises and interval training to ensure that the participants will not suffer from too much fatigue. For example, 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 60 seconds of light exercise, or 30 seconds of workout followed by 10 seconds of cooling down – for 6-8 rounds depending on the trainer's consideration. As a result, the Functional Training FX not only helps strengthen the body muscles, but also the heart and the lungs. To ensure safety during the class, we tend to minimize the trainings that involve bumping and crashes, and instead rely on using a full range of motion (ROM) to increase the participants' flexibility and stability. Gaining more efficiency of body movement can lower the chance you risk getting hurt or strained during daily activities," added Dane.

All Jetts 24 Hour Fitness members can join Functional Training FX classes for free. Membership fee is 1,500 baht per month, with special weekly or monthly promotion. Check out class timetable at or directly contact all 7 Jetts 24 Hour Fitness clubs, including Stadium One (Chula) near BTS National Stadium station, The Street (Ratchada) near MRT Thailand Cultural Centre station, The Phyll (On Nut) near BTS On Nut station and Silom Connect (Chong Nonsi) near BTS Chong Nonsi station, or 3 existing clubs: Suanplern Market (Rama 4), Nawamin City Avenue (Kaset Nawamin) and The Scene (Town in Town).

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