Chocolate Themed Dishes by Deli Conrad

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Bangkok--6 Aug--Conrad Bangkok
Seasonal Dishes Make a Delicious Meal
At Deli by Conrad

When a dish is perfect, every delicious ingredient complements each other with the scrumptiousness and sense of fine dining that our chefs at Deli by Conrad create with a passion. Our highlighted ingredient of the season is chocolate, a taste so appreciated through the centuries and extremely popular around the world.

You will love how flexible chocolate really is and how wonderfully it enhances our newest innovations. We have designed both a light and filling meal of mouthwatering goodness with the special delight of chocolate in our Wild Rocket Salad with Plums and Mango, with Shredded Duck and an Orange, Chocolate as well as in our Pink Peppercorn Dressing and our Beef, Stout, Chocolate and Pepper Pie, accompanied by a Conrad Deli Salad.

Our tasty wild rocket salad with the plums and mango adds a sweet tangy touch to the shredded duck in this wild rocket salad. However, the orange, chocolate and pink peppercorn dressing is truly a moment of ecstasy.

Also a dish demonstrating chocolate's amazing potential, the rich beef, stout, chocolate and pepper pie proves such a perfect combination of flavors that melt in your mouth, you might just feel you need it every day. It is served accompanied by a Conrad Deli Salad.

These special seasonal dishes are available at Deli by Conrad every day, 08:00 – 20:00.
  • Wild Rocket Salad with Plums and Mango, with Shredded Duck and an Orange, Chocolate Pink Peppercorn Dressing is only THB 240 ++.
  • Beef, Stout, Chocolate and Pepper Pie, accompanied by a Conrad Deli Salad is THB 280 ++.

Deli is open for lunch daily from 08:00 – 20:00 hrs. , and is located on the 2nd floor of Conrad Bangkok. For more information, please call 02 690 9999 or e-mail Visit us on and find us on

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