September Seasonal Ingredient Lemongrass At the City Terrace Pool Restaurant, Conrad Bangkok

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Bangkok--27 Aug--Conrad Bangkok

Easily one of the favorite ingredients of Thai cuisine, lemongrass is both refreshing and healthy. Its pleasant aroma and tangy flavor make many dishes simply come alive, and our inspired chef team at City Terrace Pool Restaurant have created some wonderful dishes with it, available throughout September

Good for colds and fever, soothing to the stomach and helpful in reducing high blood pressure, you will be delighted to discover the flavorful excitement lemongrass adds to these dishes.
Yam Takrai Tuna

A satisfying amount of lemongrass is incorporated into spicy, sweet and fragrant Thai salad. In Thai The marinated ("yam" in Thai language ) high quality flaked tuna makes Yam Takrai Tuna, already a healthy dish, into a filling meal. The kind of tuna used has become expensive and after sushi became internationally popular in the 1960s.

THB 220++
Tom Yam Goong

The famous spicy and sour shrimp of soup of Thailand has a good amount of lemongrass, along with coriander, kaffir lime leaves and galangal, in the broth and is certainly a must-try while you are here. In fact, along with its well known health benefits, lemongrass is without a doubt the ingredient that makes this soup so tasty and exciting.

THB 520++
Thod Man Goong

This is a classic Thai snack that embraces the lemongrass herb in a completely refreshing way, evident as you first bite into the crispy crust and your teeth sink into the satisfying prawn meat underneath. Also widely known as a "shrimp cake", the taste contrasts wonderfully with the pickled cucumbers on the side.

THB 320++

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