The Joys of Lemongrass

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Bangkok--3 Sep--Conrad Bangkok
The Joys of Lemongrass At the City Terrace Pool Restaurant, Conrad Bangkok

It is a well known fact in Southeast Asia, and particularly in Thai cuisine, that the addition of lemongrass adds a delicious quality to so many dishes. The citrusy tang accentuates all other flavors. Now that lemongrass is the seasonal ingredient at Conrad Bangkok, you will have the scrumptious opportunity to find out exactly how it does so.

The health benefits of lemongrass have also long been appreciated for medicinal qualities. A great restorative for colds, fever and exhaustion, it also soothes the stomach and digestive tract and aids in reducing high blood pressure.

The refreshing taste of lemongrass is a perfect ingredient for a pleasant meal in the relaxing open-air environment of our City Terrace Pool Restaurant. Our inspired chefs have created a few dishes that bring out the best qualities of lemongrass splendidly, for the entire month of September!

Pla Pao

This is a true Thai delight, and it is actually one of the most delicious items you might also see being sold in street stalls across the city. It is simply scrumptious, a whole piece of fish being encrusted with broiled salt and stuffed with lemon grass that creates a pleasant lemony aroma, relieving the fleshy fish smell and, along with the salt, helps to bring out the delicate flavor of the fish.

THB 420++
Moo Yang Takrai

Marinated with aromatic lemongrass, these pork skewers are flame-grilled and glazed, offering a refreshing and succulent flavor that perfectly complements the sweet and salty Satay sauce, or peanut sauce, a delicacy widely used in Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisines.

THB 260++
Betel Leaf Parcels

A traditional Thai snack, these Betel Leaf Parcels are healthy, with anti-oxidants and high in Vitamin C, and a good snack for weight control. A hit of lemongrass enhances the flavors of the chewy dried shrimps, ginger, chili and lime, served in a leaf common to Thai cuisine.

THB 220++

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