Ocean Glass Launches Connexion Bar Glasses to Boost Food and Beverage Market, Expecting to Generate THB 65M in Three Years

General Press Releases Wednesday September 12, 2018 17:05
Bangkok--12 Sep--Inspire Communications

Ocean Glass Public Company Limited is one of Asia's leading glass tableware manufacturers with an annual production capacity of 160 units exported to over 90 countries worldwide. The Company has launched six types of "Connexion" bar glasses to meet the demands of bar and restaurant business and cocktail consumers. It expects to achieve an increase in sales of approximately THB65 million in three years from both domestic and international markets. "Connexion" bar glasses are unique with a perfect combination of a modern elegance and vintage style. The glasses are thick and durable to be used in bars and are now available domestically and internationally.

Khun Jariya Sangchaiya, Managing Director of Ocean Glass Public Company Limited. said "with over 36 years of experience, Ocean has realized the significance and growth in the cocktail bar business which comprises one third of alcohol consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. These six types of "Connexion" bar glasses can fulfil the lifestyle of the social drinking culture and meet every need for bar usage, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In addition, Ocean is considered the first manufacturer of the mixing glass in Thailand which is a kind of glassware that helps enhance the luxury experience when mixing the drinks in a professional manner among the leading bartenders nowadays," Khun Jariya said

The six types of "Connexion" bar glasses are as follows:

1. Connexion Double Rock Glass with a capacity of 12 oz., suitable for liquors to drink on the rocks. It is favorable to put large ice cubes or ice balls in this type of glass, and its wide brim helps the drinkers enjoy the aroma of the drinks.

2. Connexion Hi Ball Glass with a capacity of 12 oz. and a standard height for serving liquor cocktails which have a higher proportion of drink mixers than liquor, suitable for simple mixed drinks or uncomplicated drinks such as vodka and ginger ale or whiskey and soda. Its tall narrow shape helps keep the drinks fresh and chilled.

3. Connexion Long Drink Glass with a capacity of 15 oz., suitable for bar usage. It has a similar shape to the Hi Ball glass but greater height and capacity for serving drinks with many kinds of drink mixers over a full glass of ice.

4. Connexion Coupe Glass with a classic shape and a capacity of 7 oz., used for serving shaken or stirred cocktails that are strained into a glass with no ice. The stem helps prevent the heat from the hand to affect the temperature of the drinks. It is suitable for egg-white cocktails as it makes the foamy layer look thicker.

5. Connexion Cocktail Glass or Martini Glass, with a capacity of 7 oz., considered to be a cocktail icon as many popular classic cocktails have been served in this type of glass, suitable for drinks that are served without ice. The stem helps prevent the drinks from body heat. The V-shaped design makes it able to release the odor of the ingredients and clearly shows the beautiful layering of cocktails.

6. Connexion Mixing Glass with a capacity of 22 oz., used for stirring and mixing cocktails that have an alcoholic ingredient of over 95% or 100% such as Martini, Negroni, and Manhattan. It helps keep the flavor of the drinks and the desired chill from the proper amount of melted ice.

The Ocean brand also works in cooperation with Khun Arron Apimuk Grendon, a half-Thai, half-British who was the first Thai representative to win the world bartending competition, Chivas Masters Global Final 2018 held in London, to come up with exclusive menus for the Ocean brand. The unique menus were created and inspired by things around us. "I believe that the right and careful selection of containers or bar glasses that come in different beautiful shapes, styles and standard sizes for serving each kind of drinks will help characterize the cocktails and impress the customers more. I have crafted special cocktails by twisting the classic cocktail recipes and exquisitely matching them with the styles and characteristics of each type of "Connexion" bar glasses. The design of thick base and crystal-like cut glass even provides a sparkling and appetizing look to my drinks," said Khun Arron.

Ocean Glass is determined to produce quality and internationally accepted products, with modern, aesthetic design and emphasis on their usefulness. We also provide professional advice in selecting glassware. "Connexion" bar glasses are currently available at Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, Index Living Mall, HomePro, Makro, and retail stores all over the country as well as through our distributors in China, India, Vietnam, and Asia region. Please visit http://www.ocean-professional.com to view all the products or call 02-661-6556 for more information.

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