Dr. SOMCHAI reveals Deep Biotechnology Genome Editing Opening up a new dimension of treatment at genes level.

General Press Releases Monday September 24, 2018 12:14
Bangkok--24 Sep--Polyplus PR
  • "Dr. SOMCHAI" Thailand's first cosmeceutical Company announces the country's first successful Genome Editing research discovery
  • The first company in Southeast Asia to successfully penetrate the international Deep Biotechnology Industry
  • Successful development achieved by the company's in-house research team

S.S. Manufacturing Company Limited, Manufacturer of Cosmeceutical Products under "Dr. SOMCHAI"Trademark, reveals the success of "Genome Editing" which makes the company the first to utilize deep biotechnology to create a new dimension of treatment at a genetic level. The company has earned recognition internationally and is ready to step into the new generation of deep technology industry to build reputation and advancement for the country in answer to Thailand 4.0 economy models.

Dr. OrninRuang Wattanasuk, Managing Director at S.S. Manufacturing Company Limited and Manufacturer of Products under Dr. SOMCHAI brand, shared"Dr. SOMCHAI, Thailand's first cosmeceutical company with nearly 50 years of history, has always been determined to create high quality products developed through research. We entered the deep biotechnology industry 8 years ago where we began editing the CCR5 genes and have successfully prevented HIV from penetrating the cells 3 years ago following by editing β-globin gene which can be useful for the treatment of mutations in genes that cause β-thalassemia.All technologies were discovered by the company's in-house researched team making the team the first in Thailand and Southeast Asia to have achieved great success in the field of deep biotechnology with the researched exhibited at BIT's16th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology-2018 (IDDST- 2018) in Cambridge, Boston – USA recently on August 18, 2018 while also receiving offer for further research presentations in China, France and Singapore. We are determined to push for Thailand and our company to be in the front row in world-class Deep Biotechnology industry and be a part of changes in treatments utilizing gene editing technology in the near future."

While Dr. Supreecha Chattong, Head of Deep Technology Development Department S.S. Manufacturing Company Limited shared "Genome editing is a specific genetic alteration at a DNA level which is a sub-unit level of genes achieved by employing Zinc finger nuclease (ZFN), Transcription activator-like effector-base nucleases (TALEN), and CRISR/Cas system."

"The genome editing technology that our team used in mesenchymal stem cells are placed in cells isolated from bone marrow and wisdom teeth dental pulp. We developed a method to grow the cells in test tubes by feeding them with specific nutrition and Growth Factors that are free from animal protein. The stem cells grow and increase in quantity at satisfying rate while also taking on the original characteristics while the controlled environment ensure contamination free cells that are safe for the human body." explained, Dr. Supreecha Chattong.

The team has designed and developed the DNA strands with similar sequence around ZFN cutting site together with a DNA code that terminates CCR5 protein synthesis. With this approach, the team can disable CCR5 gene from producing CCR5 protein receptor.

"Likewise, we employed the same technique to β-globin gene. We can replace the entire sequence of the β-globin gene with the perfect artificial sequence, which will be very useful for correcting more than 700 beta thalassemia mutations. We have also developed the method of growing cells that are free from animal protein, using the most precise gene editing and mRNA technology as every process has been designed to ensure the maximum safety to support the further use in the future." Concluded, Dr. Supreecha.

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