Berlin Summit: EasyStack Demonstrates World#s First Continuously Evolving OpenStack Product

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On November 15, 2018, EasyStack demonstrated its new generation cloud computing product line to major OpenStack developers and users at OpenStack Summit Berlin. Shown on stage was the world's first enterprise-level cloud computing product capable of providing continuous evolution and rolling upgrade of its capabilities. The company delivered and showcased features of the product including automated operations and maintenance, 360-degree all round monitoring, visual action driven resource orchestration, and enterprise production-ready disaster recovery based on dual data centers designed specifically for cloud computing. This new generation product and its live demo represent EasyStack's leadership in technological innovation in open source cloud computing.

I. Demonstrating the new generation of enterprise-level cloud computing products

According to the "2018 OpenStack User Survey Report" recently released by the OpenStack Foundation, the top three areas requiring further enhancement in the minds of OpenStack global users are documentation, upgrades and user experience.

Based on the above feedback, EasyStack launched its new generation revolutionary appliance-based enterprise-level cloud computing product line by combining cutting edge open source cloud computing technologies and best practices from serving over 300 large and medium-sized enterprise customers. This product line features design for failure with an innovative distributed microservices HA architecture that is capable of rolling upgrades. It enables the IT Infrastructure Architecture of enterprise customers to continuously evolve based on business needs, providing them with unprecedented agility and flexibility and helping them accelerate business innovation.

EasyStack's new generation of enterprise-level cloud computing products:
1. Innovative distributed microservices HA architecture enables one-click rolling upgrade and continuous evolution

The design of distributed microservices HA architecture allows the fundamental service components of cloud platform to be developed to meet the needs of rolling upgrade and ongoing evolution of the entire platform. EasyStack's new generation of enterprise-level cloud computing product helps users address the onerous and complex upgrading challenges, offering an enterprise-level cloud computing product with the ease of use of consumer software products.

2. Visual Action Driven Resources Orchestration

An enhanced orchestration engine capable of provisioning cloud resources comprising compute, network and storage using visual drag and drop operations, but also allows mixed orchestration scenarios with existing resources. Meanwhile, it can automatically deploy resources to the application marketplace, and form a closed loop with the application marketplace by re-referencing the applications that have been deployed by the orchestration engine to help enterprises quickly build and distribute apps, allowing enterprise users to operate their cloud computing platforms by focusing on business applications and solutions.

3. Enterprise production-ready disaster recovery capability based on dual data

Implemented across two data centers, the product supports disaster recovery designed for cloud platforms. It is centered on cloud resources for enterprises, providing many-to-many replication, near real-time data backup, high performance, QoS and configurable flexible backup strategies that can help reduce the complexity of enterprises' operations and maintenance. Meanwhile, EasyStack's new generation of enterprise-level cloud computing product also offers core components such as the EasyStack Cloud Automation Service (ECAS) and 360-degree all round EasyStack Monitoring Service (ECMS), making it possible for enterprise users to effortlessly operate and maintain the cloud platform.

II. Rico Lin awarded the title of "Hero of the People"

EasyStack is committed to becoming a world-class cloud computing enterprise based on the open source ecosystem. Building on a wide range of open source software including OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, and Docker, it provides open, stable, reliable, and high-performance cloud computing products and services for enterprise customers, while contributing to the open source community on an ongoing basis and driving the commercialization of open source technologies. It is worth mentioning that Rico Lin from EasyStack was recognized for his self-less and consistent contribution to the OpenStack community and was awarded the title of "Hero of the People" during the Community Contributor Awards at OpenStack Summit Berlin, making him the only awardee from a Chinese company.

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Caption: Live demo at OpenStack Summit Berlin

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