Always Dry rebrands to win over city and the Millennial customers, launches three innovative sneaker care products to underline its leadership in the market.

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Always Dry rebrands to win over city and the Millennial customers, launches three innovative sneaker care products to underline its leadership in the market.

Iconic Marketing & Distribution Co. Ltd., the Sole Distributor of waterproof coating for sneakers and leather products from Belgium, recently revealed how its brand "Always Dry" won the hearts of Thai consumers. After achieving the fast-growing sales thanks to the growing trend of exercise and a number of sneaker-lovers, the company's CEO Mr. Chitbhum Bhumichitr and Executive Director & Advisor Mr. Rook Soratana told the press about their strategies and its new image and innovative products designed to capture those loving exercise and fashion.

" The inspiration that made me interested in nanotechnology came from a friend who imports mobile screen protector products with nanotechnology So I studied about the special features to see what other functions the nanotechnology could offer. I contacted a number of labs abroad. I was impressed with the results of "Always Dry", because apart from effectively coating, it also protects the material very well. That was why I chose to import the product.

"At that time, Thailand's sneaker market was growing. It was a very perfect timing for us. However, the first phase of business was tough because Thai people did not know the nano-coating technology. At present, many customers have chosen "Always Dry" because our products offer outstanding features in effectiveness of water protection coating, easy-to-use products. In addition, it gives sneaker total protection and worry-free solution. Our products are also friendly to the environment and has passed the Food Grade certification. "Always Dry" also helps with stain release. Those qualities make our brand distinguish from others on the market. Our goal this year is to continue building brand awareness, recognition and brand loyalty so every time customers think of waterproof coating products, they will think of "Always Dry"," said Chitbhum

"Always Dry" has been launched in Thailand for more than 3 years, starting with B2B (Business-to-Business) with hotels, car care operators and bag spas before expanding into retail channel in Supersports, Sports World, SportsMall and Robinson department store nationwide. The product targets people who love exercise and those who are into sneakers. While Mr.Chitbhum or "Khun Golf" is in charge of overall business, Mr. Rook looks after marketing, communications and training. The strength is in the management of different generations which we call "Baby Boomers & Gen X morph into one".

After fully expanding into retail business, the company has continued to build its brand awareness among the target groups. It focuses on the selling point with waterproof coating properties while effective care of customers' favorite sneakers as well as the sustainable marketing strategy that emphasizes sincerity. And this year, the company has redefined the brand which include new packaging design to reflect our brand positioning and personality to look more stylish and meets the city people's lifestyle.

"We emphasize "Honesty as a Competitive Advantage " in terms of marketing and product development so that customers always receive the best . We won't overclaim when we communicate because it affects the credibility and image of the brand. The management style we call "Baby Boomers & Gen X Morph into One" is to draw the the strengths of each individual in different generations to create creative work and build business to the target. In addition, we also focus on providing knowledge about the differences in taking care of sneakers and other shoes. We also demonstrate the potential of "Always Dry" nanotechnology that has satisfied the users and make them confident in the brand and tell others to try. All our strategies and efforts helped us record a sale of 55 million baht and we expect this year's turnover to grow to over 70 million baht. The continuous growth of sneaker market and sport trend as well as the recognition as "top of mind" of the consumers will enable us to achieve the sale target," said Rook.

In addition to waterproof product which is not only waterproof protection but also give the stain releasing effect, "Always Dry" has also launched 3 new products including:

1. Ultra Fresh Capsule Capsules deodorize – a capsule that reduces dampness and effectively eliminates the cause of bad odors in shoes. The easy-to-use product combines the work from two main ingredient of activated Carbon and perfume. It also provides long-lasting fragrance (320 baht)

2. Ultra White Marker – a waterproof acrylic paint for shoes (Midsole) that protects and revives the yellowish shoes to be white again. It is easy-to-use and can match with many surfaces perfectly. (690 baht)

3. Ultra Wipes – Gentle sneaker cleaning wipe whose main ingredient is Capryl Glucoside with blue beads, making cleaning easier. It is handy to take anywhere to be ready to wipe clean the canvas shoes, bags and sneakers instantly. (250 baht)

"Always Dry" is available at Supersports, Sports World, Ari Football Concept Store, Avarin , Sport Dome, Central Department Store, SportsMall and Robinson department stores nationwide. Also available online at More information about the products or inquiry at Facebook: Always Dry Thailand.

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