Kirin Beverage Rewrites Own National Record for Lightest 2-Liter Plastic Bottle

General Press Releases Tuesday March 26, 2019 13:00
TOKYO--26 Mar--Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/InfoQuest
  • Lighter Bottle Top Helps Further Reduce Environmental Impact -

Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd. has managed to reduce the weight of its 2-liter plastic bottle from 28.9 grams -- the lightest of its kind in Japan as of March 20, 2019 -- to 28.3 grams by making the bottle's top part lighter. This achievement is a result of the company's drive to "improve the sustainability of raw materials for plastic bottles" under the "Kirin Group Plastic Policy," an initiative established by Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd. to promote the sustainable use of plastics and the circulation of resources. The lighter plastic bottle will be used for "Kirin Alkali Ion Water" starting in April this year.

The debuting 2-liter plastic bottle, now the lightest in Japan at 28.3 grams, has been developed in collaboration with the Kirin Group's Research Laboratories for Packaging Technologies by successfully reducing its weight through modification of the threaded portion of the bottle top with a narrower screw thread and a shorter screw.

By utilizing this plastic bottle, the company will be able to reduce the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin by about 107 tons* per year and cut CO2 emissions by about 375 tons* per year.
*Estimated by the company on the basis of sales results for 2018
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Kirin Beverage has long been pursuing activities to reduce environmental impact. In developing environmentally conscious containers and packaging, the company introduced an ultra-light "pecology bottle" for the 2-liter plastic bottle of "Alkali Ion Water" in June 2003, slashing its weight from the previous 63 grams to 42 grams. The "pecology bottle" was further applied to the 2-liter plastic bottles of "Kirin Nama-cha (green tea)" and "Kirin Amino Supli" in March 2005 and to the 1.5-liter plastic bottle of "Kirin Gogo no Kocha (black tea)," in April 2008.

In November 2010, the weight of the "pecology bottle" was further brought down to 35 grams (38 grams for some products) and a new "pecology bottle" was introduced for all home-use 2-liter plastic bottles with a universal design, making it easier for users to hold them and serve what is inside.

A new design was chosen in March 2015 for the 2-liter bottle of "Alkali Ion Water" as it evolved into a new "pecology bottle" that was easier to hold, handle and discard, weighing 28.9 grams. The company vows to continue making the bottle lighter still while considering convenience for customers.

The Kirin Group is committed to playing its role as a responsible alcohol producer and addressing three key social issues: "health and well-being," "community engagement," and "the environment." By fulfilling these commitments, the Group brings joy to society and a bright future to our customers.

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* Product image can be downloaded from the above site.
SOURCE: Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd.
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