Complementing Lifestyles with MITSUBISHI Remote Control and M-Connect Exclusively for NEW PAJERO SPORT

General Press Releases Tuesday December 3, 2019 11:58
Bangkok--3 Dec--Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand)

New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has received great feedback from SUV enthusiasts and media since its official launch in July 2019, thanks to its new unique design, upmarket and luxurious interior, more spacious passenger space, advanced technologies and features that complement drivers' lifestyles.

Developed under the concept 'Elevate Your Journey', Mitsubishi Motors Thailand responds to customers' needs and offers a new SUV that elevates ownership experience for customers who wish to drive around normally during the week and go off on weekend exploring.

The new features in New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport are designed to add convenience and complement the lifestyles of almost all groups of people from sport enthusiasts to shopping lovers, from busy parents to executives.

One of these features is the Electric Tailgate with Hands-Free that makes operating the tailgate even more convenient. It works in conjunction with keyless operation system (KOS) and the MITSUBISHI Remote Control application on the smartphone.

Unlike other SUVs in the same segment, Electric Tailgate can be operated in many ways. Besides opening or closing the tailgate using the key fob or switch on the dashboard, the tailgate can also be opened or closed by kicking under the vehicle's rear bumper, when the vehicle senses the presence of the key fob within range. This is particularly useful when the hands and arms are loaded with anything from shopping bags to travelling gears.

The tailgate can also be set to open and close automatically as the driver approaches or moves away from the vehicle by pre-setting it via the MITSUBISHI Remote Control application on the smartphone. For added convenience and security, the application can also be programed in advance to close the tailgate and lock all doors at the same time. Drivers can also program the tailgate to open or close at the desired height. Once this is set, it will hold its position for every use. Electric Tailgate also comes with a safety protection technology that senses obstructions and stops closing. In addition to locking doors and tailgate, MITSUBISHI Remote Control is also capable of other functions including turning off the hazard lights if the driver has alighted and forgotten to turn it off. It can also turn on the headlamps so that the driver can locate the vehicle in a parking lot.

Another advanced feature of New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is the M-Connect application – an advanced connected car services compatible with iOS which support both English and Thai languages.

Via the installed application, drivers can plug their smartphones to the vehicle and receive real-time vehicle status updates and essential information via 8-inch touchscreen with Smartphone-link Display Audio (SDA). Information includes distance travelled, exterior and interior temperature, fuel consumption and more.

Drivers can also monitor New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport's conditions via the health report function that includes ABS, KOS, brakes, 4WD and ASTC systems. The application will notify the driver of interval service dates and show the list of nearby dealers with name, address and contact number based on the vehicle's location. The integrated navigation system also helps drivers find their favorite destinations.

M-Connect also provides 24-hours easy and quick access to call center for roadside assistance and emergency SOS numbers in just a few clicks or automatically when airbag is activated.

Another feature designed to 'Elevate Your Journey' is the USB/HDMI-compatible 12.1-inch roof monitor. In addition to providing heightened levels of entertainment for second- and third-row passengers with its high-resolution display, it is also linked to New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport's six-speaker audio system, designed to provide clear and superior audio quality. The entertainment system offers the flexibility to be used to communally entertain all occupants, or provide individual entertainment spaces for selected occupants. The latter is possible via two complimentary infrared headphones that come with New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Sound from the monitor can be channeled to the headphones, while the rest of the occupants can continue to enjoy music on the vehicle's speakers.

Advanced technologies such as these allow drivers to discover new ways to enhance their drive and experience. Designed for safety, security and convenience, New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is certainly made to 'Elevate Your Journey'.

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