Three secrets to accessing a high-performance state of mind like elite athletes

General Press Releases Thursday February 27, 2020 10:12
Bangkok--27 Feb--Brand Now

As an athlete, controlling what you eat and drink matter for a successful career. Physical exercises and training allow the body to gradually build up strength, endurance, improve skill levels; and build motivation, ambition, and confidence. All of these determine your performance in the field. However, what if beyond all, you could also develop a high-performance state of mind to compete at the highest levels of your career like elite athletes?

Recently we met Nikon J.Gormley is a professional Coach, CEO at Inner-Spark Group and Super 7 Taekwondo Academy. He has been coaching for the past five years and works with elite athletes from around the world. As a professional coach, he helps athletes create a personal breakthrough, both on and off the field.

"I have come to see first-hand that accessing a high-performance state of mind is really about assisting athletes in having less on their mind, not more. When I help athletes developing their highest performance state of mind to compete at the highest levels, I realized that people believe that as athletes, they have to visualize and focus on the result. That means to get into a peak emotional state to perform well, have to think positively, and must be able to manipulate their beliefs to change their experience. However, the truth is that many mental techniques overload the athletes' mind and keeps them from performing at their best. The less the athlete tries to control his thoughts, the easier it is for him/her to get into the flow. The less the athlete focused on the results, and being engaged at the moment, the better s/he will perform" said Nikon J. Gormley.

Many athletes have been satisfied with the coaching of Nikon like Sirijit Khongnil a Thai national shooting Team, SEA games gold medalist, Asian games medalist ranked No.1 in Thailand who said "when I was struggling to improve my world rankings, Nikon helped me to see how I took the game way too serious, putting unnecessary pressure on myself to perform. With the assistance of Nikon, I have learned to approach my game with a sense of fun, joy and love. Today My world rankings have since improved significantly and most importantly, I am having fun in my game again".

Today Nikon is helping high performers awaken and unleash their hidden genius to create exponential results in their lives. According to Michael Neill, there are three ways you can approach your goals:
1. You are playing to win: it is easy to get addicted to winning, and it is even more comfortable to hold your well-being hostage to an outcome you cannot always control.
2. You are playing to play: you are having fun, you are in the moment; you are creative, and you have the mental space for your gifts to express themselves through you.
3. You are playing not to lose: your mind is not in the game; you are coming from a place of worry, doubt and fear.

Ask yourself, are you playing to win? Are you playing to play, or are you playing not to lose? Do not limit yourself. For just one day, drop all the mental tools and techniques that you've learned to control your mind and thinking. Simple show up to your game and have fun doing what you love.

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