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“Open World through Children’s Picturebooks” will be the upcoming online talk organized by Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park). The talk will present various aspects of modern children’s picturebooks from renowned authors and illustrators, aimed to enhance the understanding in the power of picturebooks and the art of illustrations that could create imaginative learning for children.

The talk features 4 renowned authors and illustrators including Prof. Martin Salisbury, an author, illustrator, and professor of illustration from Cambridge School of Arts, UK; Emilie Vast, a famous artist, author, and children’s book illustrator from France; Kazuma Anezaki, an author and nature photographer from Japan, who introduce photographs to children’s book; and Kanchala Navanugraha, an author and founder of Nava Publishing House, Thailand, who brought children’s books from Finland to the hands of Thai children.

This event is suitable for anyone who is passionate in children’s photobooks including those creators, storytellers, teachers and parents who are eager to learn more about picturebooks in the 21th century.

The online talk will be live broadcast on TK Park’s Facebook page and TK Park’s Youtube channel from 11 to 25 of August 2020.
Tuesday 11th of August 2020, 15 : 30

“Opening Eyes through Children’s Picturebooks” by Prof. Martin Salisbury, an author, illustrator, and director of center of children’s literature in Cambridge School of Arts, Anglia Ruskin University, UK. The talk will be hosted and translated by Ms. Omkwan Wechayachai, children’s picture books specialist and the founder of CREAM BANGKOK.

There are various kinds of picturebooks made for enhancing children’s development and skills. Stories appeared in those picturebooks have been evolving through times. Prof. Martin Salisbury will open your eyes and minds to the evolution of the picturebooks for children in the world full of environmental problems or human migration. Let’s see how the global issues affect the new picturebook’s perspectives that far from the same old fairy’s tales.

Tuesday 18th of August 2020, 14 : 00

“Rhythm of Nature in Picturebooks” by Emilie Vast, an artist, author, and children’s book illustrator from France. The talk will be hosted and translated by Ms. Yaowanan Sentira; former cultural attache of the French Embassy of Thailand.

The love of nature becomes Emilie Vast’s inspiration for her great creations. She will share her passion in creating picturebooks using graphic design with bright and bold colors to stimulate children’s interest in plants and animals. Her simple nature illustrations have brought about imaginative, sweet, and creative aspects in children’s picturebooks.

Monday 24th August 2020, 14 : 00

“Creating Children Stories through Photographs” by Kazuma Anezaki, an author and experienced photographer from Japan; The talk will be hosted and translated by Ms.Piyawan Subsamruam, freelance translater.

Kazuma Anezaki will present a unique style of storytelling using various photographs of plants as main characters. Believe it or not, his photographs powerfully present the beauty and simplicity and most importantly, they can draw children’s interest in nature effectively.

Tuesday 25th August 2020, 14 : 00

“Children’s Books Outside the Box” by Kanchala Navanugraha, an author and the founder of Nava Publishing. The talk will be hosted by Usa Srinual, Children’s Book Activity Designer from TK Park.

Kanchala Navanugraha will share her experience and impression on unique, outside-the-box children’s books which are popular among children in Finland, the country with world-class educational model. No matter how bizarre the stories are, Finland manages to use children books to keep its children in love with books and reading. How Thai children’s book circles could learn from this case, let’s exchange the point of views in this matter.

You can follow the news and activities from TK Park at and Facebook page: TKpark or call 02-006-7186.

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