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IT Press Release : 23 May 2013

Rakuten Super Sale - 12 days of Super Bargains IT—23 May 13

Legendary shopping scheme arrives in Thailand; Entry to special prize lucky draw and discount of up to 50% await online shoppers Rakuten, one of Thailand's leading e-commerce marketplaces, will premiere its 'Super Sale' shopping extravaganza

The Unacceptable Costs of IT Outages IT—23 May 13

Today there is virtually no type of business that does not rely on its IT system for multiple business-critical processes and this trend will only become more pronounced in the years ahead. The growing reliance on enterprise IT to provide the

SecureBuy Fraud Prevention Technology Endorsed by Leading Online Trading IT—23 May 13

SecureBuy technology solutions now being used in the financial services industry provide a complete, yet customizable eCommerce fraud prevention solution that includes biometric online signature capture as well as high grade, risk-based passive and