True IDC, in collaboration with Avaya, launches Video Conferencing as-a-Service (VCaaS) offering comprehensive service solutions in high definition (HD)

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday March 19, 2014 09:41
Bangkok--19 Mar--Aziam Burson-Marsteller

True IDC, in collaboration with Avaya, launches Video Conferencingas-a-Service (VCaaS) offering comprehensive service solutionsin high definition (HD) with low bandwidth usage; compatible with smart phones and tablets; enhancing enterprise efficiency and cost savings

True IDC, the market leader in world-standard data center, in cooperation with Avaya, a global provider of business communications, software and services, announced an innovative "Video Conferencing as-a-Service" (VCaaS) solution that offers high definition (HD) video, yet using low bandwidth and can work well with smartphones and tablets. The easy and convenient to use model comes with comprehensive solutions, including multipoint control unit (MCU); links; applications and endpoints, ideal for enterprises with multiple branches, providing customers with enhanced convenience, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

According to Mr. Janewit Kraprayoon, General Manager, True Internet Data Center Co.,Ltd., "True IDC is committed to developing new services and solutions that meet the needs of corporate customers who utilize communications technology to increase their operational efficiencies. Currently, video conferencing is widely used by enterprises that have multiple branches and need to hold regular meetings or conferences. We therefore launched our Video Conferencing as-a-Service (VCaaS) that provides HD video quality without using high bandwidth. This helps save money spent on the service and supports teleconferences via iOS and Android enabled smartphones and tablets. We have selected Avaya, the highly acclaimed global systems provider, to supply the full range of technologies covering multipoint control unit, applications and endpoints that are installed at branch offices. Customers can have easier and more convenient access to the new service, without having to deal with many providers. The new 'as-a-Service' platform of True IDC video conferencing is expected to boost business communications, enhance operational efficiency, reduce business costs and minimize accidents that may arise while travelling."

Mr. Bundhit Vongbuntoon, Country Manager Thailand, Avaya said, "We are delighted to provide our innovative Avaya Video Conferencing solution for True IDC in support of the launch of the new Video Conferencing as-a-Service. Customers can confidently utilize the high quality video conferencing service that comes together with multipoint control units while enjoying enhanced efficiency in video conferencing that offers HD in video quality with lower bandwidth and enhanced economy. The real-time collaboration via the video system will eventually enhance efficiency in operations for companies of all sizes."

The True IDC Video Conferencing as-a-Service is available in the following three services;
1. MCU service is charged on an hourly basis at a starting from 30 hours per month
2. Link between branches is charged on a monthly basis with a wide choice of connection speeds starting at 768 Kbps
3. The endpoint that comprises a camera and microphone is available for purchase or rental
Customers who are interested in the Video Conferencing as-a-Service from True IDC can call 02 699 1400 or email

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