IRIS Cloud to show its efficiency in The Asian Beach Games 2014 with the full service Cloud System which saved THB 5.17 million for organizers

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday November 11, 2014 16:44
Bangkok--11 Nov--PR One Network

IRIS Cloud, the pay-per-use Cloud System set up Server and Hardware / Software to Streaming and Live Broadcasting in The Asian Beach Games 2014 for audiences all around the world. And this is to ensure the preparedness of the Backup site between main site in Phuket and secondary site in Nonthaburi to support in case of an emergency. It worthily supports the IT investment for particular customer.

Yuttasart Nitipaichit, PhD Assistant Vice President, Data Center Technology Department, CAT Telecom PCL. (CAT) who is responsible for Data Center & Cloud Business?or known as IRIS Cloud, revealed that IRIS Cloud will be the IT supporting of Cloud Computing in The Asian Beach Games 2014 which is the beach games competition in Asia Pacific. The fourth edition of the?Asian Beach Games?will be held from November?14 to 23, 2014 at the stunning paradise, Phuket,?Thailand. The?Olympic Council of Asia?(OCA), Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Thailand) and the Sports Authority of Thailand have joined forces to get the hosting of the events. In addition, IRIS Cloud is assigned to plan and install system e.g. Servers, Software, Hardware and Storage, to support the live broadcasting to worldwide audiences in 45 countries and also support the Data Management during the event e.g. Registration system and the Result Announcement.

“By using the IRIS Cloud throughout the event, it will be considered as a pay-per-use service. The organizers of The Asian Beach Games 2014 can access to the Server and Storage in IRIS Cloud which is a temporary service during the event. The IRIS Cloud staff will set up servers in Phuket which is where the event is being held and the staff will also set up the redundant site at Nonthaburi to manage internal data of the competitions e.g. the registration system and the result announcement. This will create stability in the broadcasting by having the redundant site in case that the primary site at Phuket is down, the redundant site at Nonthaburi will be workinginstead of the primary site immediately, so it won’t affect the live broadcasting or other usage” said PhD Yuttasart.

With confident and proven of its efficiency, IRIS Cloud is selected to set up network system for The Asian Beach Games 2014 which is the international event and need to meet the international standard of OCA and also the acceptance from the Organization of board of directors of the event or internal administrative that is chaired by the Prime Minister, taking care by the key official of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Thailand) and the Sports Authority of Thailand. Although it is the ad hoc event that last only 10 days, it is the world class event. So the organizers had to set the high qualifications by selecting the efficient and worthwhile facilitator that needs budget at THB5.17 million. However, by using the IRIS Cloud, they can save cost of IT investment up to 80% and it suits the pay-per-use requirement.

PhD Yuttasart also said that “The implementation of this Cloud system has fulfilled all the requirements in term of traffic control, network that has access to the organization, protocol authorization policy and the applications that need to access to the network. Moreover, we also set up a “security service” to clear all disguised traffic that access to the network to avoid the server down by the attacking of Denial of Service Attack (DoS). We also impose a Business Continuity Management policy and Risk Management when facing an emergency issue which affects the service and important products”

Presently, IRIS Cloud services IaaS Cloud System by offering Server and Storage for rental. The main customers are, for example, Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization), Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and Sports Authority of Thailand. Besides the IRIS Cloud service, we also have other additional services including IRIS Backup – Data Storage backup in Cloud, IRIS Accelerator – Speed the website up service up and IRIS Protection – the website protection service from threats and attacking. In the future, IRIS Cloud will continue to develop its products to fulfill more customer requirements. The services that will be available shortly are 1. IRIS Drive, cloud storage that stores and shares files which allows multiple users to work or edit those files together. 2. Software as a Service, the service that users could rent softwares that are available on the Cloud System to work such as Email and Unified Communication.

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