Kinetic reveals new age OOH expanding beyond awareness to consumer proximity and relevancy.

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday November 4, 2015 15:55
Bangkok--4 Nov--Kinetic Worldwide

Kinetic Worldwide (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a leading out-of-home (OOH) media agency in Thailand, and a subsidiary of the parent WPP Group. The group's core competencies are primarily based on adaptation to changes in the media landscape driven by demographic and lifestyle changes, which have led to the transformation of out-of-home media from legacy communication channels into the consumer-proximity platform.

OOH Transformation over Decades: Surachet Bumrongsuk - Country Manager, Kinetic Worldwide (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated that the changing media landscape creates new patterns of media consumption, as consumers have been given more choices to select media that fit their needs and interests. That is the underlying reason behind today's mass media being increasingly tailored and segmented based on the segmented audience and their preferences. The changing media landscape has forced OOH media to transform themselves, to enable better and effective reach to consumers, especially when they are surrounded by choices of both traditional and on-line platforms. OOH media, must find their own way to differentiate themselves in this age of social media saturation, to create stronger connections and familiarity that leads to increased brand loyalty and active consumer engagement.

Today's consumer live in an era where information is readily available, increasing the reliance on devices such as smartphones and other portable devices, which they rely on to be connected to others and for entertainment purposes. These devices are in many cases, the consumer gateway to social networking functions, and with the increasing amount of content being delivered, coupled with the trends of Millennials in bigger cities being reliant on these devices to stay in touch with others, OOH media has been relegated to the background and out of immediate focus.

The above factors have influenced OOH to re-position themselves away from traditional platforms, and towards the proximity platform, in order to capture the active attention and mind share of the "on-the-go" audience.

In addition, the emergence of relevant interactive technologies, such as Quick Read (QR), Augmented Reality (AR), Near Field Communication (NFC), to IBeacon or Geofencing, has transformed OOH media's approach by creating two-way communication and the human-to-machine platform. It has become evident that this approach is effective, since OOH offers good geo-positioning, whilst providing added means to bring consumers close to the brand through OOH.

In the future, we anticipate the one-to-one-connection OOH platform seamlessly integrated through technological means; that is, OOH message will be fully personalized and addressable on an individual, one-to-one level. The human-to-human communication has been gradually replaced by the machine-to-human communication and will be eventually overtaken by machine-to-machine communication, due to the drastic evolution of technology and changes of consumer's behavior and lifestyle.

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