AIS mPAY fully penetrates digital commerce market by launching mPAY Gateway serviceThe most complete payment system for online store that everyone can use

Information Technology Press Releases Monday November 30, 2015 11:59
Bangkok--30 Nov--AIS

(24 November 2015) AIS proves their leadership in digital money business of Thailand by fully supporting digital commerce and developing payment system called "mPAY Gateway". It is the most complete system for SMEs and individual who have an online business to have the most convenient and various payment system covering payment from all channels and responding to every form of payment from customers with the advantage that the shop will receive money within 1 day, instant use and no cost. AIS together with KASIKORNBANK build a perfect payment system to every business in Thailand to catch up with Cashless Society trend and respond to government policy of the digital economy.

mPAY Gateway has advantages as follows
1. More with more payment channels, various and most convenient responding to all types of payment to the shops including
  • Support credit card, VISA debit / MasterCard / JCB (for customers who have debit/credit cards)
  • mPAY Wallet (For customers who have mPAY of more than 1.5 million users)
  • Support more than 9 banks with more than 50,000 ATM machines all over the countries (for customers who transfer via bank account)
  • mPAY payment station at AIS shops, Telewiz, family mart, top supermarket, BigC and the shops with mPAY station logo. The total are more than 50,000 stations all over the country (for customers who do not have a bank account nor debit/credit card)
  • For the shop with actual shop or the shop which prefer payment on delivery, we have mPOS device to serve customers as well.
2. Faster the shop receives money within 1 day with no minimum receiving amount.
3. Easier Easy to apply, convenient, instant use, no cost. Just apply and create your own link to receive money. Simple as it is. Check out at

The process of mPAY Gateway is, when the seller applies, they will receive Username and Password to create the link and receive money anytime 24 hours at Seller only input the amount of money and payment method and hit enter to create the link. Then, send the link to customers via SMS, LINE, WhatsAPP, Facebook or anyways they want to immediately pay for products or services.

Mr. Supreecha Limpikanjanakowit, Managing Director of Advance mPay Company Limited revealed that "with the E-commerce business trend and the expansion of digital technology both for network and mobile device like better smartphone, people are now have an easier access to the internet resulting in the leap of online shopping that it's not something we can overlook anymore. Today, everyone can post their products on their own social media with no limitation leading to the Social Commerce trend and opening up a commercial opportunity called M-Commerce or buy and sell through mobile device. This is the trend for the new generation consumers that help us to see the overall picture of digital commerce better.

Therefore, mPAY as a service provider of digital money of Thailand, besides giving convenient financial service to end users through application, today we move up to another step by launching "mPAY Gateway" service to respond to SMEs and shops whether actual shop or online or even weekly markets. Everyone can have complete payment system, only access mPAY Gateway. It is a single gateway for online-offline and bank - non – bank payment. Sellers do not have to connect to the banks by themselves. Convenient, fast, immediate buy-sell and no IT knowledge required.

All are possible with the cooperation between our important partner like KASIKORNBANK who are the leader and specialist for credit and debit card payment system with the most numbers of shops and business organization using the service. Users can be confident with safety standard. We will soon extend our cooperation by providing payment gateway to big business group. Also, the cooperation of two companies to create fundamental infrastructure of digital payment platform for every business in Thailand and to drive Ecosystem of the Digital Commerce to be more complete both in buy-sell and payment aspects including to catch up with Cashless society which is one of the main financial policy of the Bank of Thailand to respond to the government police of digital economy" Mr. Supreecha concluded.

Mr. Thawee Teerasoontornwong, Executive Vice Presinent of KASIKORNBANK reveals that "in the last 3 years, E-Commerce in Thailand has grown more than 20 % per year. Today there are more than 500,000 e-commerce business via many channels including social media, website and online market place. Thai people buy products from online channel around 14.87 million people. The B2C e-commerce market is expected to worth as much as 2.2 hundred billion baht. For KASIKORNBANK, as the leader of Digital Banking, we continuously develop the tools to support payment system on digital platform such as K-Power Pay service (mPOS) which facilitate credit card payment. Currently, there are more than 21,000 shops uses K-Power Pay service. Also, K-Payment Gateway has average transaction of 80,000 million baht per year.

KASIKORNBANK and AIS continuously work together in many projects to support E-commerce entrepreneurs to have more various and convenient payment channels. The cooperation to develop K-Payment Gateway to connect with mPAY Gateway will be our Total Payment Solution to E-commerce entrepreneurs to benefit from additional more than 9,000 payment station through mPAY Station, AIS Shop, Telewiz and other shops. This builds the new dimension to E-commerce business resulting in significant growth of the market. Mr. Thawee concluded.

Also, to open the new service and to give the real experience to use mPAY Gateway for our target group which is online shops, AIS mPAY cooperates with LOL Market, the organizers who gather more than 170 online shops to exhibit in "AIS mPAY presents LOL PLANET" event which will be organized between 28-29 November 2015 at The Space, Central World Department Stoe" People who shop in this event can pay via mPAY Wallet or pay by credit/debit card using mPOS conveniently. Special promotion, receive 10% Cash back as much as 200 baht (only for the first transaction) for the new customers who apply for mPAY and pay by mPAY Wallet

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