Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday May 4, 2016 10:59
Bangkok--4 May--RTB Technology
Highlighted with today's connecting technology with variety of smart­ sensor and real time notifications.

RTB Technology Company Limited underlines its leadership in advanced and high quality technology, proceeding to expand Home Connected Device market, introducing the latest 3 models of smart home security innovation from Nederland, Smanos, the major brand of Smart Alarm System, lining up "W020," "W100" and "IP6" to penetrate the market. All 3 models of home security innovation comes with state-of-the-art technology, simply connected to Hub, easy installation with various setups and alarm signal sending to homeowners anywhere around the world via mobile phone application. All leads to the ultimate convenience and security experience.

The Smanos W020 features Wi-Fi Alarm System developed for residence and small shops, outstanding with modern design, compact size and 3-minute easy installation at any corner. Convenient use with only home Wi-Fi and application downloaded to iOS or Android Smartphones. The device has 2 types of sensor; door or window contact and motion. The Smanos W020 monitors any situations from every corner of the house by connecting signal with command center (Hub). The sensor will send signal of unpermitted door or window opening to the Hub and then trigger the siren alarm for timely assistance from neighbors or people in the area. Besides you can set up push notification through the Smanos App on your smartphone for your awareness and protection. The Smanos W020 is equipped with battery reserve to operate even during power blackout up to 8 hours. The Smanos W020 is available for 6,600 Baht.

The Smanos W100 is the smart home alarm device for top security. Besides Wi-Fi signal, the device works with home phone for continual security even during power blackout or Internet disruption. The Smanos W100 comes with LCD screen and sensor to detect incidence, easy installation with App downloaded to Smartphone. Every situation in your home is under control with your mobile phone. When anything happens, the device will send notification to your smartphone and and then trigger the siren alarm for timely assistance from neighbors or people in the area. Moreover, when unusual situation is detected, the system will activate automatic call up to 6 numbers to notify. So wherever you are, you can be aware of incidences and protect your house. The Smanos W100 has battery reserve for 6-8 hours of use during power blackout or outage to continue alarming and calling the recorded numbers for notification. The Smanos W100 is available for 8,700 Baht.

The Smanos IP6 is the innovation exclusively invented and developed by Smanos to seamlessly cater to home security requirements. Featuring wireless video camera, the Smanos IP6 stands out with IP Camera connection on the Internet network, top-notched sensor from Sony IMX225 and Crystal Clear Event at Low Light IR LED to allow home lovers to record image with 5 megapixel resolution for sharp and clear video output in low light condition. The view angle of 100 degree ensures wide view coverage and high security. The device supports external memory card up to 32GB and for 40 days video recording. Easy installation and use, only download IP6 Camera App from App Store or Google Play or scan QR Code. Recorded video can be viewed through App on smartphone immediately when sensor detects unusual events. In case of intrusion or unexpected incidence, the system will record video with Full HD 720p quality and alert through your smartphone. The Smanos IP6 is equipped with noise reduction and conversation mode to talk to family members at home through IP6 camera with built-in Hi-Fi microphone, ideal for babysitter and alone senior people. The device operates with Smanos Alarm System installed at various spots in the house. In case of emergency, the system will record video and alert through smartphone. So you do not miss any situation when you are not home. The Smanos IP6 is available for 5,600 Baht.

From now on, you can go out with joy and feel relieved on long vacation. Wherever in the world you are, you can inspect home security anytime on your smartphone and command immediately. Interested The 3 models of smart home security innovation from the leading Nederland's brand Smanos is available today at Jaymart, iStudio by SPVI, iStudion by COM7 and iStudio by Copperwired. Visit www.rtbtechnology.com for more information.

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