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IT Press Release : 02 Sep 2016

Huawei nova Series Defies Expectations IT—02 Sep 16

Huawei launches two new handsets offering a dynamic combination of beautiful design, powerful performance and fantastic camera - Huawei nova: uniquely beautiful, compact, multi-curved design and dynamic front camera experience - Huawei nova plus: power

Husqvarna Launches Virtual Reality (VR) Chainsaw Limbing and VR Chainsaw IT—02 Sep 16

Today, for all chainsaw fans around the world, Husqvarna releases the first Virtual Reality (VR) chainsaw game - Husqvarna Limberjack. Via Valve's platform Steam, the game is now available to download world-wide for anyone that wants to test their

Introducing The New Stylus Family for a Connected Life: Bamboo Omni, Bamboo Solo and Bamboo IT—02 Sep 16

In our connected world we are constantly changing between smartphones, tablets and different operating systems to complete even simple tasks. Wacom introduces a new stylus family that allows for quick input and precise response across different mobile

Wacom Is Making the Future of Paper Notebooks: The New Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio IT—02 Sep 16

- Paper notebooks are often the last analog link within an otherwise fully digital life. With two smartpads and a range of new features in Wacom Inkspace, Wacom now offers a smooth and intuitive digital notetaking experience -- seamlessly bridging the

Huawei: Accelerating Carriers# Cloud Transformation And Enabling The Digitization of Vertical IT—02 Sep 16

At the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit held as part of Huawei Connect 2016, Huawei and leading international telecom carriers, industry organizations, and partners shared their successes with digital transformation and discussed the theme of "