IT Junction participated with alliance to have big campaign : Big Offer Big Giving through the year 2017

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday March 28, 2017 11:03
Bangkok--28 Mar--IR PLUS
IT Junction participated with alliance to have big campaign: Giving away a whole lot all through the year -cars, motorcycles, free trips abroad with the values of 20 million Baht.

With the budget of 20 million Baht, IT Junction cooperates with alliance to set up a campaign for the celebration of 17th anniversary of IT junction with giving away a whole lot of all through the year namely cars, motorcycles, free trips abroad by getting the support from AIS, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and Jaymart. This collaboration is to deliver presents back to customers with the expectation of setting the world on fire for smart phone markets, upgrading the one-stop service center of mobile phones to be Life Style Mall, meeting the needs of the new generation. The feedback is expected to be excellent. "Supoj Wanna" , the big commander of JAS Asset Public Company Limited revealed that the business of managing renting space of IT Junction has a tendency to grow well with the average revenue of 15% per year. This is due to the fact that there has been continual extension of branches in potential areas as well as conducting promotion activities. He also emphasized the strength of 17th anniversary for organizing a big annual event " IT Junction Dealer Convention 2017" in order to show gratitude back to premium-graded special customers with good profiles and to update the trend of goods from alliance breands.

Mr, Supoj Wanna, the Chairman of administrative officials of JAS Asset Public Company Limited or J revealed that the business of managing renting space in department stores under the name IT Junction, the big one-stop service center of the country coordinates with alliance, namely AIS, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and Jaymart to invest a 20-million- Baht budget in setting up a big annual campaign " Celebrating 17 years of IT Junction with giving away a whole lot. This is done in order to increase the number of customers coming for services in the area, to promote the sales of goods of small vendors in the IT Junction so that the sales volume of mobile phones can be increasingly circulated with continuation and to emphasize the overall picture of mobile phone shops of small vendors in IT junction as having strong growth.

In order to return gratitude to important customers the big annual event "IT Junction Dealer Convention 2017 is to be held by inviting 400vendors from rented premium shops or having good profiles to join the event to be exclusively informed about the trend of smart phones and doing promotion from AIS, Oppo, Vivo Huawei, Jaymart, J-fintech in order to stimulate smart phones market in the IT Junction. This will be enhanced by the strong promotion of 17th anniversary with giving away a whole lot of all through the year namely cars, motorcycles, free trips abroad to customers who buy mobile phones in the branch of IT Junction every month.

The mobile phone market in IT Junction has a tendency to grow well due to the fact that there have been the adjustment of strategies and organizing activities to the groups of customers of IT Junction. Therefore, with the cooperation of partners from leading brands of mobile phones., a campaign suiting to the taste is set up to stimulate mobile phone markets in the phone centers to really get recognized. This is deemed to be the first campaign of the company to be converted into a new image officially in order to develop the mobile phone centers to be Life Style Mall and meet the needs of th enew generation more. "It is believe to get a good response from the group of customers coming to use services", said Mr. Supoj.

At the present time, the company the number of IT junction, accounting for 52 branches with the total area of 11,700 square meters. The goal is set to have 8 branches per year in order to promote the revenues coming from the business of managing rented space to grow securely for a long term period.. In fact, the total revenue coming from the business of managing rented space of IT Junction grow with average of 15% per year. A part of that comes from the continual expansion along with the alliance of leading department stores. Also, in the future, there is a plan to expand other lines of goods additionally in order to expand customer bases for a more variety. This will make IT Junction to be more than only a center of one-stop -service . Moreover, with much support from the big alliance especially from the associated companies of Jmart group, best benefits can be increased for customers and the rented shops.

The business of managing the rented space of IT Junction grow well because smart phone markets are getting busy and have high values. Therefore, shops need more selling areas and expansion of the business. This is the opportunity to expand the business of managing rented space of the company to cover Bangkok, its perimeter and other provinces. Also, the company has a plan to expand to 60 branches within the end of the year. The important factor comes from the collaboration with Big C, Super Center in getting into managing the rented areas of the potential one-stop-service centers of mobile phones. Moreover , the company has a plan to expand services to other areas that have potential as well as improving the image to be modern so that it will be more than a center of mobile phones - like a Life Style Mall to meet the needs of the new generation, to dominate among the leaders of the business of managing rented space of the biggest mobile phone center of the country that has the most systematic work management with a one-stop service, said Mr. Supoj .

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