Epson Announces Continued Growth, Roars Further into 2017 with Emphasis on CLMV Growing Economy and Launch of Innovations to Capture New Business Opportunities

Information Technology Press Releases Monday April 3, 2017 15:31
Bangkok--3 Apr--PRpedia

Epson is actively tapping further into the CLMV markets to ride on their growing economy while still maintaining its business growth in Thailand. With projectors and commercial and industrial printers being last year flagship products, Epson will continue launching innovations in a bid to create new business opportunities.

Mr.Toshimitsu Tanaka, managing director of Epson Singapore, says, "During the past year, Epson has done remarkably well at both global and regional levels. We have achieved worldwide number one market share for projectors at 35.5%. In the Southeast Asian region, we have indeed seen growing performance and market share against competition. We have seen an overall growth of 14% from 2015. This can be attributed to our commitment to our customers, as well as our relentless drive towards innovation.

"As a global technology company, we are continually looking to enhance our technology and offerings to customers, with a vision to create a new connected age of people, things and information with efficient, compact and precision technologies. Our global vision is executed through our focus on innovation in our key areas of inkjet printing, visual communications, wearables and robotics," he adds.

Mr.Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, General Manager of Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd. says on 2016 operating results, Epson has passed a tough test in Thailand. Despite the country's shrinking IT industry, Epson business continued to grow. The sales of its commercial and industrial printers boasted the highest growth rate at 50%. Projectors came second, with 16% sales growth. Although inkjet-printer sales were just stable, Epson remained the number one ink-tank-printer brand. Its market share in the ink-tank-printer sector was as high as 59%.

"Commercial and industrial printer sales increased significantly because an increasing number of entrepreneurs have switched from analogue to digital printing. Confidence in Epson printers has been growing. More entrepreneurs trust that Epson devices can increase both their efficiency and quality, lower their operating cost, and create new business opportunities. With Epson printers, they for example can handle high-quality or made-to-order print jobs. Better still, Epson has presented a great range of product choices. Through the launches of so many innovative products, Epson has already tapped into various industries such as photo labs, pre-press, signage and textiles. At the same time, Epson projector sales grew despite the zero growth for Thailand's overall projector market. Epson enjoyed the sales growth because it successfully took some market share away from competitors. Epson has to date stayed on as the number one projector brand in Thailand, holding the market share of 44%. The success owes largely to the fact that Epson has constantly launched new products and upgraded its existing models. At present, there have been more than 60 Epson projector models in the market. We have striven to reach out to our target groups, which include not just business enterprises but also home users, through various channels. We have conducted marketing activities on a continued basis to educate our target groups and spur sales," he adds.

"The inkjet printer market saw fierce competition in 2016. But Epson retained its competitive edge. On top of superior quality, Epson also boasted greater product range. There are now 16 L-Series models in the market. So, we have the options to deal with both A3 and A4-sized prints. We have offered both single-function and multifunction printers. Our products range from monochrome to six-color photo printers. Moreover, all these printers come with two-year warranty covering labor wages and all parts including print heads and waste ink pads, or the coverage based on print pages. Our warranty offer is far better than what our competitors promise. Nowadays, ink-tank printer sector is fast growing. By now, it has already accounted for 59% of the inkjet-printer market. As ink-tank printers prove increasingly popular among SMEs and large organizations, Epson L-Series has a good chance of enjoying long-term growth," Mr. Yunyong continues.

Regarding Epson's performance in countries under Epson Thailand's supervision namely Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Pakistan, sales grew by 18% in 2016. Myanmar boasted the highest growth rate at 30%. Followed next were Laos and Vietnam at 20% equally.

Mr.Yunyong says, "The CLMV market has been fast growing. Every country in the CLMV has enjoyed the business growth of between 6-7% thanks to the brisk inflow of foreign direct investments, assistance from international organizations and the government's investment-friendly policies. Business environment in the CLMV has changed favorably, attracting so many big brands from across the world. New businesses have blossomed in CLMV cities. Industrial and educational landscapes have therefore remarkably changed. Demand for IT products, as a result, has increased particularly in the educational sector. So, Epson has had huge opportunities in the CLMV".

"Last year, Epson projectors enjoyed big growth. Their market share increased in all markets. On the overall, Epson projector sales grew by 70 per cent in 2016 while L-Series sales went up by 20 per cent. L-Series popularity has been growing because the series respond real well to customers' needs. L-Series offers a low cost-per-page. Ink-tank printers, moreover, have now been a growing trend. They look set to replace not just traditional inkjet printers but also laser printers in the market," he adds.

Mr.Yunyong says the ongoing changes in this region present both challenges and business opportunities to Epson. Now, his firm expects to boost its sales by 7% in all markets under its supervision. It has set the 5% growth target for the Thai market and 15% growth target for the rest. The firm's business strategy will focus on four areas of development: International Business, Core Business, Business Solution, and Business Revolution.

On International Business, Epson will step up marketing activities in the CLMV so as to capture growing business opportunities in the changing business circumstances there. In support of International Business development, the firm will upgrade its management system to speed up work flow and increase efficiency. More products will be launched into the CLMV on a continued basis. Moreover, the firm plans to strengthen its existing distributors and recruit new business partners in a bid to boost Epson reach to customers in more cities in the CLMV.

On Core Business, Epson will strive to retain its number one status in the market. It will seek to boost the market share of both L-Series printers and projectors via aggressive marketing campaigns, highlighting of Epson products' benefits and value. On Business Solution, Epson will join hands with new business partners in developing Cloud and mobile solutions for both its printers and smart glasses to create new business opportunities.

On Business Revolution, Epson has the policy to introduce new innovations and new business line to the market. The firm intends to develop high-speed printers as direct competitors to laser printers. It also aims to produce innovative robots to tap further into industrial and manufacturing bases. In addition, Epson intends to develop enterprise-level projectors further making them even-easier-to-install and smaller in size. Lately, Epson has already launched Gesture-Presenter projectors to the market. Today, Epson also unveils as many as 14 new models.

The new enterprise-level projectors are EB-1450Ui and EB-1460Ui. These ultra-short-throw projectors come with WUXGA display. Their lamps last up to 10,000 use hours. They feature Miracast-standard wireless connectivity, a touch screen, and multi-projection feature.

Also unveiled today are EB-1795F, EB-1785W and EB-1781W. They are from EB-1700 series - or the world's lightest 3LCD projectors. These models weigh just 1.83 kilograms and are just 44 millimeters thin. While compact in size, they boast comprehensive features.

Hailed from EB-2000 series are the new EB-2265U, EB-2255U, EB-2245U, EB-2165W, EB-2155W, EB-2140W, EB-2065, EB-2055, and EB-2040. Designed for enterprises, they boast 5,500-lumens brightness. Equipped with sensor, they automatically adjust image brightness to suit any usage setting. They boast Miracast-standard wireless connectivity.

Mr.Yunyong says, "Apart from our focus on the four aforementioned areas, we have also conducted marketing communications campaign since 2015 to highlight Epson's status as a well-trusted brand. This campaign has increased our access to new customers in various industries and contributed to our sales support".

"In our 26th year or in 2016, we spent about Bt30million on the #TrustInYou campaign that echoes Epson's philosophy of Passion, Commitment, and Creative and Innovative. These values hold key to our business success. This campaign employs Expert Endorsement strategy, collaborating with high-flying figures from various professions to speak about their trust in Epson. Endorsers are Mr.Rukkit Kuanhawate, a famous Thai street artist, Mr. Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, both chief executive officer of Ookbee Company Limited and the manager of 500 TukTuks Fund, and Mr.Pantavit Lawaroungchok, chief executive officer of Aposthophy's Group Company Limited and also an internationally recognized exhibition designer. These three presenters have represented Epson's core values and professionals who are now using Epson products. The campaign was conducted via advertising, PR and events that engage or expose consumers to the great experiences with Epson products".

"We plan to continue the campaign in our bid to reach out to more customers across all industries. The campaign will be designed to tell customers about Epson's strengths, philosophy, background, and vision. We will also extend this campaign to the CLMV," Mr.Yunyong concludes.

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