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Bangkok--7 Apr--Petchy PR

RTB Technology Co., Ltd. continues to provide the ultimate music listening experience with hi-end and clear audio quality catered to music lovers, unveiling top-notched In-ear headphone innovation from Japan, the "LS Series" (Live Sound Series), a concurrent launch of 5 models under the brand "Audio Technica" including ATH-LS400iS, ATH-LS300iS, ATH-LS200iS, ATH-LS70iS and ATH-LS50iS. All launched models feature in-Ear headphones drawing great attention from the CES2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA organized early this year. The "LS Series" (Live Sound Series) utilize newly developed multiple-driver designs and additional innovations to deliver clear, powerfully immersive sound, bringing the impact and excitement of the live concert experience to everyday listening. The drivers operate in conjunction with specially designed acoustic sound pipes made from hybrid stainless steel/resin material. All come with detachable 3-foot 9-inch cables with Audio-Technica's new A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connector equipped with an inline mic and controller for handling phone calls and music and video playback on portable devices.

The ATH-LS400iS, topline from the 5 models in the "LS Series" (Live Sound Series), comes with an innovative quad Balance Armature Driver (BA Driver) that combines two low-frequency drivers with a mid-frequency and a high-frequency driver within a single earpiece to deliver exceptionally detailed, dynamic, well-balanced sound. The drivers are aimed to deliver low, midrange and high frequencies to the ear with maximum clarity. The driver housings are constructed of titanium and clear Tritan™ copolymer resin to reduce unwanted resonance while also providing distinctive, see-through styling. The ATH-LS400iS is available today for 19,900 Baht.

The ATH-LS300iS and the ATH-LS200iS also comes with Balance Armature Driver (BA Driver). The LS300iS employs a triple balanced armature driver with separate low-, mid- and high-frequency drivers for powerful, efficient sound distribution and a smooth, even tonal balance across an extended frequency range. The ATH-LS200iS (US$249.00) utilizes a dual balanced armature design with a super-tweeter and a full-range driver, a configuration that delivers ultra high-frequency sounds in seamless balance with the rest of the headphones' immersive soundscape. The ATH-LS300iS is available for 13,900 Baht and the ATH-200iS for 9,900 Baht.

Finally the Live Sound ATH-LS70iS and ATH-LS50iS bring the company's innovative multiple-driver technology to high-performance/high-value price points. Both models utilize Audio-Technica's newly-designed Dual Symphonic Driver, which aligns two full-range drivers in a single housing and powers them simultaneously, a configuration that yields a balanced sound with deep, articulate bass and clear midrange and high frequencies. The ATH-LS70iS employs carbon-coated 8.8 mm diaphragms and long voice coils for enhanced sonic realism while the ATH-LS50iS features high-quality 8.8 mm drivers that deliver best-in-class audio. The ATH-LS70iS is available today for 4,990 Baht and the ATH-LS50iS for 3,490 Baht.

Interested customers may purchase and experience the ultimate music listening from best-in- class headphone innovation "Audio Technica" in the "LS Series" (Live Sound Series), all 5 models, today at Munkong, ProPlugIn , BKKAudio , Soundproof , Indy Gadget , ZoundAholic and King Power For more information, visitwww.rtbtechnology.com

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