COM7, the No. 1 IT retailer, partnering with Sony Thai invades the Thai gaming markets

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday December 19, 2017 15:53
Bangkok--19 Dec--IR PLUS

COM7, a titan in the IT retailing industry, partners with Sony Thai Co., Ltd. (SOTHAI) embracing the Thai video game markets, starting by deploying PlayStation products to 25 branches of "Banana IT" all over the country which the retailer supplies lifestyle products and emphasizes on enlarging the customer base. Furthermore, Mr. Sura Knittveegul, CEO of COM7, offers gamers alluring promotions at "Banana IT" as he is confident that this partnership will create phenomenal changes in the Thai video game market.

Mr. Sura Knittveegul, Chief Executive Officer of COM7 public company limited or COM7 which is a huge IT trade, is the mastermind behind well-known brands of BaNANA, Studio7, BKK and iCare, stating that COM7 is currently advancing in the Thai video game markets by partnering with Sony Thai Co., Ltd. (SOTHAI), a titan in the video game industry, which provides full products and after-sales services. COM7 brings Sony PlayStation consoles to its lifestyle product lines and spreading its customer base. The consoles will be set for sale at 25 branches of "Banana IT" covering all over the country within this month, fully appeasing gaming customers and to be able to genuinely satisfy the demands of gamers in Thailand. Moreover, the company may further expand their gaming market share within "Banana IT".

Now, the overall Thai gaming industry grow very well from the previous year from the more affordable price range and according to the current circulation of custom PC and gaming gears including mouse, keyboards and headphones for gamers. This partnership with Sony Thai Co., Ltd. (SOTHAI) is considered to be an important opportunity to expand sales channels for "Banana IT". By appealing to console gamer customers, "Banana IT" aims to stimulate gaming market to grow further by using COM7's strength, which is successful from more than 20 years in the IT industry, consisting of supervising over 400 stores covering all parts of the country and providing IT products that answers all types of customer's demands. Presently, COM7 has 167 stores of "Banana IT" and for the 25 stores that will start selling Sony PlayStation products before other stores, will be providing the customers with special Year End Deals that core gamers shouldn't miss.

"Today, COM7 partnering with Sony Thai Co., Ltd. (SOTHAI) is an opportunity to increase sales because the company doesn't have to invest more into it, since they're lifestyle products which are very popular currently. There are more gamers everyday especially those who are looking for legitimate gaming consoles. The price of a PlayStation console is set at an average of 12,000 baht to 40,000 baht and, in the future, COM7 will not only sell just consoles but there are opportunities for selling game discs which are distributed by NGIN and other peripherals too which would make "Banana IT" a complete gaming shop, that can also expand its customer base. This is considered to be the first time that PlayStation invades gaming market through an IT retailer which has COM7 as one of its important partners".

"Banana IT" is now appeasing gamers with the Gift Festival Sale!! which offers a couple of promotional choices for the PlayStation 4. The 1st promotion is buying a PlayStation 4 PRO for 15,990 baht and get a free copy of KNACK II game and a free DUAL SHOCK 4 CONTROLLER with an option for 0% interest installments over 24 months and get instore credit cash back up to 12,000 baht or use points to get up to 18%. For True customers, every 100 baht, spent, gives you 1 True Points. Items are limited in quantities, so hurry and grab your own before it runs out!

The 2nd promotion includes hot items such as PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB which only costs 12,990. The 3rd promotion is PlayStation 4 FIFA18 Bundle (500GB) which sells for 12,490 baht or the PlayStation Hits Bundle 2 which is priced only at 11,990 baht. Also with many discounts for popular games titles. The final promotion is the PlayStation 4 PRO with PS VR together for only 26,990 baht which comes with a free DUAL SHOCK 4 Controller for free. The promotional period is from today until 7 January 2018 at every "Banana IT" stores in Thailand.

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