RTB presents premium innovation for Energea-latest three typed wireless charger for Hi-End smartphone market Its promise with outstanding performance of rapid charging and easily taken design developed by Qi technology

Information Technology Press Releases Friday February 2, 2018 10:48
Bangkok--2 Feb--RTB Technology

RTB Technology Co., Ltd., a leading company for earphones and lifestyle smartphone gadgets, has moved further for the next step with an introduction wireless charger innovation under the brand of Energea. It introduces three models, which are "WIMOUNT", "WIDOCK" and "WIDISC", responding the young Gen consumers who need to have a phone charger with wireless technology initiated by Qi standard to serve its capacity for wireless 10 watts fast charge.

Dr. Banphot Vatanasombut, Managing Director of RTB Technology Co., Ltd., said. "The company focuses on offering outstanding products to the market based on the belief that the product innovation is the key to success, in terms of sale volume and brand awareness, for the compay. It has been already proved by the success of the company's leading innovative earphones and lifestyle smartphones products in the Thai market. RTB is now ready to extend our achievement by introducing the innovative wireless battery charger from Energea brand developed by a well-known accessories producing company from Hong Kong, that have sold over 100,000 premium smartphone charging cable in Thailand. The company believes that wireless charger of Energea will have positive feedbacks from the premium smartphone equipment consumer in the country as a result of outstanding innovation and reasonable price when comparable to the other premium products in the market."

Those three models of wireless charger are designed with different purposes.

Energea WIDOCK 2 Coils is a desktop wireless charger that a user can use smartphone while charging vertically or horizontally since it comes with 2 coils. It can be used with a phone case up to 5-10 millimeter thick. Energea WIDOCK is compatible with Qi-enable devices and comes with the Fast Charge technology up to 10 watts.so users can experience the faster and more convenient way of charging the phones. With premium and soft material, it give smartphone a good grip and prevent it from any scratch when in use. It weight is only 185 grams with LED light to show charging status. The price is 1,690 baht.

Energea WIDISC- the wireless charger for smartphone and smart devices, has come with light weight of 95 grams, but full of charging capacity. The user just conveniently places smartphone on the wireless charger with out having to plug in the charging cable to the phone. Energea WIDISC is compatible Qi-enabled device with Fast Charge Technology and maximum output up to in 2 amp for power. It is also compatible with smartphone case with 5-10 millimeter thickness. The design is luxurious with black shape trimmed with silver color, togerther with non-slip grip to keep your phone align while charging. Lastly, it has LED to show charging status. The price is 1,490 baht.

Energea WIMOUNT- the latest premium wireless charger with Qi standard- is perfect for in-car use. The user can place it anywhere in the car to power up the smartphone in a short period of time due to Fast Charge Technology up to 10 watts. The luxurious design with premium graded material helps increase its durability, together with adjustable-wide clip. With a light weight of 240 gram, the user just puts the smartphone on the charger for immediately charging with LED charging status. Micro USB line is also available for any adjustment to the other chargers in car and at home. The price is 2,690 baht.

They are all now available at Studio7, iStudio by SPVi , Jaymart, King Power, Digital lab Siam Discovery, Power Buy, Amcon, Lazada, www.gadgetthai.net or www.rtbtechnology.com.

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