Huawei teamed up with NBTC to complete the first demonstration of 5G utility equipment in Thailand

Information Technology Press Releases Monday March 5, 2018 08:47
Bangkok--5 Mar--Francom Asia
Huawei teamed up with NBTC to complete the first demonstration of 5G utility equipment in Thailand
Boost Thailand's 5G Transformation

Today, the Thai National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) successfully held Thailand's first 5G Summit in Bangkok. At the summit, Huawei and NBTC jointly completed the first 5G C-Bands device speed demonstration in Thailand based on the 3GPP 5G new air interface, demonstrating that the single user's peak downlink throughput of C-Band exceeded 3.15 Gbps. It marks an important step in the 5G development in Thailand.

Chairman of the NBTC, General Sukit Khamasunthorn attended the summit and delivered a speech. He states that the development of 5G is of paramount importance to Thailand as we have seen how much 4G has changed Thai society and economy in the past few years. He believes it is very crucial for Thai people to prepare for the upcoming changes with regards to the advent of 5G technology. Thus this event presents a great opportunity for Thai society to have a glimpse into the future of what the world will look like with 5G.

"5G will not only change people's communication, but also people's life style, social collaboration, and national economy structure. We are pleased to see that Thailand is one of the countries with top-class 4G solutions. We believe Thailand will further lead in the 5G era and the whole industry will benefit from 5G social transformation, with 5G as a strategic infrastructure for Thailand 4.0." Said An Jian, President of Huawei Wireless Marketing and Solution Sales.

The Secretary General of NBTC, Takorn Tantasith, delivers a keynote speech on the topic "5G Changes Thailand and our World" to increase Thai society awareness about the potential changes that 5G will bring in 2020 and beyond. He mentions that Thailand has experienced dramatic changes for both society and economy due to the advent of 3G and 4G in the past years. Therefore, it is necessary for Thailand to learn and prepare herself for the upcoming 5G technology.

The Secretary General also warns 10 industries such as finance, manufacturing, agriculture, and even the government about the impacts from 5G applications. He urges both private and public sectors to ready themselves and take advantage of this new 5G technology in the future.

Featuring ultra network speed and low latency, 5G network will further drive the development of new services and application. At this summit, Huawei demonstrated nine 5G applications, including 5G equipment speed experience, drones applications, AI-assisted eHealth and Smart manufacturing. The demo of 5G equipment speed experience, based on 100M bandwidth on the 3.5GHz band, features end-to-end 5G network system that consists of Huawei 5G Core network, 5G wireless equipment, and 5G C-BAND terminal, which fully exemplifies Huawei's end-to-end strengths in 5G solutions.

5G is predicted to go in large-scale commercial use by 2020, and will transform how people work and live. This summit also brought people from all walks of life together in extensive and in-depth discussion on excellent user experience of 5G telecommunications, accelerated application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, changes that 5G will bring to Thai economy and society, and preparations for the arrival of the 5G era.

Ericsson, Qualcomm, and operators of Thailand were invited to attend this summit.

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