From #IamYourValentine to #FoolinLove: Tik Tok Sparks Viral Short Video Trends in Thailand and across Asia

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday April 4, 2018 16:03
Bangkok--19 Jun--TQPR
Top Thailand YouTubers Wannabe Mee and My Mate Nate, Kaykai and actress Pattie Ungsumalynn, joined by over 16,000 Tik Tok users took on the same challenge which generated 15 million views in 48 hours.

After receiving 294,000 "hearts" (likes) for his charming #iamyourvalentine video in February, Korean actor Yoo Seon Ho entertained his 320,000 fans again with a hoaxing yet cute video hashtagged #foolinlove on Asia's most popular short video platform Tik Tok on April Fool's Day (April 1).

Tik Tok, a short video platform designed for new generation of creators, has brought to Thailand a viral video challenge named "Fool in Love".

Launched on April Fool's Day, Tik Tok users across Asia posted hoaxing yet heartening videos hashtagged #foolinlove in which users playing a funny joke by putting their chins on a hand in various surprising scenes. The Korean actor Yoo Seon Ho creatively used ketchup and French fries to simulate a crime scene. Wannabe Mee and My Mate Nate made a very convincing yet surprising performance that made them not only trending in Thailand but also at the top of the #foolinlove challenge.

Within 48 hours since the challenge was online, over 16,000 users across Asia have created one of these videos, with a total of over 15 million views. The #foolinlove Tik Tok video clips have been shared more than 240,000 times on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

The trend was originally started by South Korean superstar Lee Jong Suk on Tik Tok around Feb 14 (The Valentine's Day). His video, hashtagged #iamyourvalentine, featured the Korean actor putting his chin on a hand in multiple scenes, giving a warming smile every time. The adorable play earned him over 680,000 'hearts (likes)' within a span of week on Tik Tok, which also pushed more Korean stars to take up the challenge on Tik Tok, including: Nam Joo-hyuk, BlackPINK, Yoo Seon Ho and others.

The trend is attributed to Tik Tok's amazing features that make it easy for anyone to shoot and edit 15-second videos on their cellphone. Tik Tok offers a series of stunning special effects powered by artificial intelligence. Users can apply cool features such as real-time beautification filters and hair coloring filters to create a magical clip or shoot funny videos together with friends and even pets with cute 3D stickers and props.

Since its launch, Tik Tok has become a phenomenon in Thailand and multiple Asian markets, including China, South Korea, Japan, and others. Tik Tok topped the iOS App Store in Thailand and Japan within 6 months since the app was launched in those markets. In Korea, the app ranked the first in the "Video Players" category on Google Play Korea. Tik Tok has also attracted many other well-known influencers, such as Ploychompoo Jannine Weigel, Blue Pongtiwat, Amen Sotthibandhu Komeluecha, Kunatip Pinpradab, Pimpawee Kograbin, Piglet Charada, Chap Varakorn and La-ongmanee Jirayu to create new ways and lead new trends of video shooting.

Videos of the Tik Tok trending challenge #foolinlove:
Yu Seon Ho - #foolinlove
RunningMan - #iamyourvalentine
Wannabe Mee & My Mate Nate - #foolinlove
Kaykai - #foolinlove
Pattie Ungsumalynn - #foolinlove
About Tik Tok

Designed for the new generation of creators, Tik Tok allows users to quickly and easily create unique 15s short videos with one of a kind effects to share with friends and the world. Whether it's dance, comedy, free-style or performance, creators are encouraged to let their imagination run wild and set their expressions free.

The Tik Tok mobile app (Thai version) is now available for download (please access the link through your mobile phone).

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