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IT Press Release : 07 May 2018

IFS announces IFS Field Service Management 6 IT—07 May 18

New version, built for the cloud but also available on-premise, offers a reimagined user experience and a 50% performance improvement IFS, the global enterprise applications company, previews major updates of its IFS Field Service Management (FSM)

Qingsongchou to Provide Service in Southeast A Brand that Helps Build Health Crowd Funding Service for 550 Million Global Users IT—07 May 18

BANGKOK--7 May--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

An advertisementtitled "Karmic Reward", shot by Qingsongchou, launched in May 2018 went viral in Thailand. Local people immediately felt a strong connection to it. The advertisement brought people's focus to health security and the crowd funding mode for serious illnesses. Many are expecting the implementation of this mode in Thailand.

Qingsongchou, the largest health care platform in China, has raised over 20 billion RMB for 1.6 million families over 3 years since its establishment. This has rendered courage and strength for people to fight diseases.

The innovative way of using the Internet power to help people out of difficulty as initiated by Qingsongchou was also reported by NHK and other international mainstream media, which has also triggered strong responses among local people in Japan. The launch of this advertisement marks Qingsongchou's comprehensive strategic deployment in Southeast Asia. It corresponds to the Belt and Road Initiative and aims to deliver advanced technology and health security concepts to Southeast Asia and the world.

Qingsongchou has entered into the Southeast Asian market after its success in China. By virtue of science and technology, it will help improve the health care services in countries and regions such as Thailand and India.

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